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GeneMax Focus helps you zero in on the best genetic potential

GeneMax Focus

A trusted product.

GeneMax® Focus was created through a collaboration between Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI), Certified Angus Beef® and Zoetis. It is intended for use in commercial Black Angus females (75% or greater).

  • Identify Angus-based (75% and greater) animals with superior feedlot gain and quality grade (marbling) for advanced Angus feeder cattle marketing
  • Get genomic predictions for feedlot gain and marbling, as well as a GMX score that quantifies combined gain and grade genetic merit, plus Sire Match from HD 50K tested bull battery
  • Use for evaluating genetic differences in post-weaning growth and marbling, and for Sire Match to inform feeder/fed cattle marketing and/or replacement heifer selection and breeding decisions

On the ranch, GeneMax Focus can assist with:

  • Evaluating and qualifying dams or calves for value-added feeder cattle marketing programs such as Top Dollar Angus and for the Verified Beef Reputation Feeder Cattle Genetic Merit Scorecard
  • Informing retained ownership and fed cattle grid marketing options
  • Making replacement heifer selection, mating and marketing decisions

In the feedlot, GeneMax Focus helps:

  • Manage risk by incorporating gain and grade predictions into more dependable breakeven projections
  • Earn premiums through grid marketing of fed cattle with more predictable quality grade performance
  • GeneMax Focus Field Study

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Please follow these instructions and guidelines to place your order with us.


New to Zoetis Genetics? Please give us a call at 877-233-3362 so we can walk you through available options.


Please contact our customer service team at 877-233-3362 or genetics.us@zoetis.com to verify our laboratories are approved to conduct DNA tests within your respective country.


GeneMax Focus is exclusively distributed and ordered through our partners at AGI.

Click here to place your order online through AGI or download a GeneMax Focus Excel® Order Form.


Order DNA Collectors

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Collecting a high-quality sample is the first step to receiving accurate genomic results. Find out more here.


Find answers to common questions about the Zoetis Genetics ordering process here. If you’re still having trouble, please contact us at 877-233-3362 and we’ll be glad to help.


Mail your order and testing kit samples to:

Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI)
3201 Frederick Avenue
Saint Joseph, MO 64506
Phone: 816-383-5100


The following guides explain the testing results and reports we will provide to you.
GeneMax® Focus