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The New HD 50K For Angus

Zoetis is pleased to announce HD 50K for Angus, a new genotyping platform developed in partnership with Angus Genetics, Inc. for Angus seedstock producers. The new HD 50K for Angus replaces i50K and the previous version of HD 50K, and represents the latest advancement in Angus genotyping technology.

  • Increases the accuracy of GE-EPDs and indexes, primarily for young Black Angus bulls and heifers, with limited or no progeny, daughters, or carcass information
  • Expands the scope of genetic predictions for time consuming, difficult, expensive and hard-to-measure traits, such as heifer pregnancy, dry matter intake, and tenderness
  • Delivers more dependable and comprehensive GE-EPDs and indexes, genomic percentile ranks, parentage verification, and sire match assignment for GeneMax tested progeny - all from AGI
  • Select, mate and market Angus seedstock with greater confidence
  • Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI) is the exclusive distributor of the new HD 50K for Angus and associated Genomic-Enhanced Expected Progeny Differences (GE-EPDs) and dollar indexes

Bull buyers increasingly insist on tested bulls. HD 50K provides the information more buyers want:

  • GE-EPDs, indexes and genomic predictions in the form of percentile ranks for 19 traits plus parent verifications
  • Percentile ranks are based on a current tested population of over 500,000 animals1
  • Increased accuracy from HD 50K marker information and verified parentage is equivalent to tested animals having roughly fifteen progeny, depending upon the specific trait2

Reduce selection and breeding mistakes—with HD 50K you get to know now:

  • Selecting heifer bulls: GE-EPDs for calving ease direct and birth weight have accuracies roughly equivalent to bulls with 28 and 21 progeny, respectively2
  • Selecting growth/carcass bulls: GE-EPDs for growth, feed efficiency and carcass merit have accuracies roughly equivalent to bulls with 23, 8 and 10 progeny, respectively2
  • Selecting all-purpose bulls: GE-EPDs for applicable traits have accuracies roughly equivalent to bulls with 15 progeny/carcasses/daughters2
  • For Angus females, GE-EPDs deliver more accuracy than a typical lifetime of progeny performance information contributing to traditional genetic evaluation3

Selection and mating decisions are more profitable when you have HD 50K-enhanced information to help:

  • Determine which heifers to keep and breed for replacements, to sell as seedstock or to cull
  • Empowered mating decisions for a lifetime of more valuable seedstock progeny
  • Identify elite females for embryo transfer or in vitro fertilization
  • Determine which bulls to keep, to sell for specific breeding purposes or to market as feeder or fed cattle
  1. Data on file, Average accuracy of GE-EPDs powered by HD50K based on verified pedigree and HD 50K information, Zoetis, Inc.
  2. Approximate progeny equivalents associated with accuracy of GE-EPDs powered by HD 50K based on verified pedigree and HD 50K information. Progeny equivalents for carcass traits are actually progeny carcass traits and are actual progeny carcass records – equates to ultrasound scans from approximately 30 progeny.
  3. Beef 2007-08, Part IV: Reference of Beef Cow-calf Management Practices in the United States, 2007-08. National Animal Health Monitoring System, U.S. Department of Agriculture. Available at: http://www.aphis.Usda.gov/animal_health/nahms/beefcowcalf/Opens in a new window.Accessed August 6, 2013.

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