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Accurate. Affordable. Dependable.

  • Uses imputation (i) to predict HD 50K genotypes from a lower-density genotype subset
  • Fewer genotypes means i50K is a more affordable option to help Angus breeders begin testing or test more animals
  • One sample for GE-EPDs, parentage, genomic percentile ranks and Sire Match
  • Effectively the same accuracy as HD 50K associated GE-EPDs

Uses the right markers. i50K™ revolutionizes the decision-making process to help improve performance and profitability.

  • At a young age, more about an animal’s genetic potential can be known than if the animal had 10 — 20 progeny records1
  • i50K is currently available for Black Angus through AGI. I50K is also available for Red Angus and Brangus through Zoetis and integrated into their breed association’s genetic evaluation program. i50K is anticipated to be available for additional breeds in the future

Improves management decisions and increases efficiencies. i50K makes it easier than ever to know if an animal should be:

  • Selected to enter the breeding herd
  • Used as a donor female in an embryo transfer program
  • Marketed based on unique genetic attributes 

Similar to HD 50K, i50K enables Sire Match for GeneMax®-tested progeny.

  • Markers used for GeneMax and GeneMax® Advantage™ are directly included in the i50K and HD 50K genotyping platforms
  • Sire assignment is an exclusive benefit for progeny of i50K- and HD 50K-tested bulls when using these products

For more information, download our Technical Bulletin.

  1. Approximate progeny equivalents associated with accuracy of GE-EPDs powered by HD 50K based on verified pedigree and HD 50K information.

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