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Holstein Calves


  • CLARIFIDE® Core is a basic genomic profile, developed side-by-side with the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB), for special situations where less reliability and basic traits and fewer support tools are acceptable as compared to CLARIFIDE or CLARIFIDE Plus
  • Like all CLARIFIDE brands, CLARIFIDE Core uses CDCB results for its 15 traditional traits and indexes to maintain higher reliability and standards versus non-CDCB tests and provides the most complete and accurate pedigree confirmation and discovery on the market.
  • CLARIFIDE Core enables users to improve their herds more than if they used other, lower reliability tests or parent average, just not as quickly as the higher reliability tests with more complete risk-aversion profiles like CLARIFIDE and CLARIFIDE Plus
  • Easily and economically upgrade to more long-term profitability tests of CLARIFIDE or CLARIFIDE Plus when ready
  • Results are available for U.S. only commercial (NON-REGISTERED) Holstein, Jersey and Brown Swiss FEMALES  and are not for those desiring to be part of Enlight®, SearchPoint®, mating programs or elite cattle industry lists

Genomic test results, simplified.

  • Provides fifteen (15) core CDCB traits and indexes plus breed characteristics and pedigree validation and discovery
  • CLARIFIDE Core provides more accurate, dependable data to help improve individual animal pedigree knowledge and overall herd productivity as compared to non-CDCB driven test products or parent average
  • CLARIFIDE Core results are available through Excel reports and data transfers to select on-farm management software programs

Remove the guesswork from breeding decisions.

  • CLARIFIDE Core results can help you identify which animals offer the potential to meet farm goals and optimize efficient dairy production—with reasonable, accurate reliability
  • CLARIFIDE Core helps you improve the speed of genetic progress as compared to herds not genomic testing
  • Results help you recognize animals that will better fit in your herd and take the guesswork out of breeding decisions

Start on your pathway to profitability with CLARIFIDE Core.

  • Maximize profit through proper genomic testing strategies, support and test choice
  • Improve herd genetic progress more than with parent average or lower reliability tests
  • Easily and economically upgrade to more profitable long-term CLARIFIDE portfolio options when you're ready

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Please contact Zoetis Customer Services at 877-233-3362 to receive a copy of the CLARIFIDE Core order form.

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Please contact Zoetis Customer Services at 877-233-3362 to receive a copy of the CLARIFIDE Core order form.


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