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  • CLARIFIDE® Plus, is the first commercially available dairy genetic evaluation specifically designed for wellness traits in U.S. cattle
  • CLARIFIDE Plus genomic predictions for wellness traits provide reliable assessments of genetic risk factors for economically relevant diseases in Holstein cattle
  • CLARIFIDE Plus is the only genomic test that allows producers to rank animals with the new Dairy Wellness Profit Index (DWP$) that is based on traits that affect health, performance and profit
  • DWP$ describes more genetic variation in profitability than other indexes, allowing for faster progress toward greater profitability

Genomic testing with new CLARIFIDE® Plus can help identify females with the greatest potential to help reach herd health and profitability goals.

  • Health events have a significant impact on herd health, saleable milk and producer profitability
  • Profitability is enhanced when a dairy has the advantage of mature cows that are productive and healthy for multiple lactations
  • Six new genetic wellness trait predictions were developed from millions of dairy cows in U.S. commercial herds, using cutting edge genetic evaluation methodology to achieve an average reliability of 50% for the six traits in young animals1
  • Wellness traits are expressed as genomic Standardized Transmitting Abilities (STA), similar to how type traits are expressed but using a different scale and where higher values are more desirable indicating a reduced risk of disease
  • In addition to wellness traits, CLARIFIDE Plus includes complementary genetic information for the Zoetis proprietary Polled trait
DWP$ Animal Ranking

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CLARIFIDE® Plus offers U.S. Holstein producers the most comprehensive package of trait predictions and economic indexes for health events to empower genetic selection strategies.

Dairy Wellness Profit Index (DWP$) and Wellness Trait Index (WT$)

  • DWP$ includes production, fertility, type, longevity and the dairy wellness traits, including Polled test results. By combining the dairy wellness traits with those found in the current Net Merit (NM$) index, DWP$ directly estimates the potential profit contribution generated for an individual animal to the dairy operation while making it easier to consider and rank animals based on these new wellness traits
  • Wellness Trait Index (WT$) focuses on the wellness traits (Mastitis, Metritis, Retained Placenta, Displaced Abomasum, Ketosis and Lameness) in addition to Polled trait and estimates differences in expected lifetime profit associated with risk of disease
  • DWP$ differs from other economic indexes because it includes direct predictions for economically important diseases. By including more characteristics affecting profitability, DWP$ describes more genetic variation in profitability than other indexes
  • With the use of DWP$, producers can potentially make approximately $55 more profit per selected female over 10 years using a 15% culling selection strategy, even when test cost is higher than a NM$-based ranking2


CLARIFIDE® Ultra Plus carries the same trait predictions for production and wellness traits as CLARIFIDE Plus, but with more genetic markers and greater reliability.

  • Nearly 62,000 markers, with 61,000 reported to the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding for additional genetic conditions, traits and/or parentage
  • More accurately identifies elite animals
    • Validates elite females that will enter more advanced reproductive management, such as embryo transfer or in vitro fertilization.
    • Confirms elite male genetics for entry into A.I. testing programs
  • Builds greater genomic reliability into an animal’s offspring
  1. Data on file, Zoetis internal data, August 2015, Zoetis Inc.
  2. Data on file, Dec. 2015 Data Package, Zoetis Inc.

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