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Genomic technology is ever-evolving. We're here to give you the latest on research, products and strategies to help your dairy herd thrive.


Learn about the positive impact of genetic testing. Breeding specialists and dairy producers share their experiences.

CLARIFIDE® Impacts Herd Performance and Profit

Simon Vander Woude operates Vander Woude Dairy near Merced, California. His innovative use of genomic technology to make herd management decisions has resulted in a more productive, profitable herd. Hear how CLARIFIDE results impact herd decisions now and into the future.

Chaput Farms Improves Herd Genetics with CLARIFIDE

Chaput Farms is home to 850 Holsteins near North Troy, Vermont. Owner Reg Chaput and herd manager Paul Lavoie have worked with their genetic supplier and Zoetis representative to implement a strategy that has resulted in a significant improvement in herd genetics. Kim Morton, genetics and calf team manager, sees the results in larger, healthier, higher performing heifer calves.

Fiscalini Farms Increases Milk Production with CLARIFIDE

Brian Fiscalini with Fiscalini Farms & Cheese, Co., Modesto, California is seeing first-hand the benefits of genomic testing. The animals ranked at the top of the herd based on the CLARIFIDE test are outperforming other herdmates. And ranking animals helps him get the most from those top individuals while culling the bottom end. The result—more milk production from a herd with greater average genetic merit.

Larson Acres Manages Genetic Progress with CLARIFIDE®

Mike Larson with Larson Acres of Evansville, Wisconsin started using CLARIFIDE 3 years ago when they checked the genetic makeup of a group of purchased heifers. They saw the value then, and now they test every heifer in the 2,800-cow herd. Aggressive culling focuses on maximizing the genetics in the top 10 percent leads to more rapid genetic progress. They see it in those high-end heifers once they hit the milking string -- actual production correlates closely with genomics values..

Horsens Homestead Farms Realize the Benefits of Enlight and CLARIFIDE

Horsens Homestead Farms is home to around 500 high-producing Holsteins near Cecil, Wisconsin. Jeff Horsens was one of the first commercial dairy producers to use Enlight, a genetic data management platform developed in partnership with Zoetis and Holstein Association, USA. In this video Jeff shares his experiences with this powerful genetic management tool.


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