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BVD Testicular Infection

BVD Testicular Infection

Reproductive losses due to BVDV can be economically significant. The literature on transmission of BVDV has established that the virus in the semen of bulls can infect susceptible, inseminated cows, causing reduced pregnancy rates, early embryonic death, abortion, and birth of calves persistently infected with BVDV.

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  • Persistently-infected bulls infect susceptible inseminated cows because their semen contains a high concentration of BVD virus.  In comparison, infected testes of acutely infected immunocompetent bulls shed lower concentrations of virus in semen, but they also are capable of transmitting BVDV. 

  • Early embryonic death, abortion, persistently infected calves, and reduced pregnancy rates may be caused by BVDV infection.

  • Diagnosis may be made by isolating the BVDV from seminal fluid, blood, and or tissue samples.  Acutely infected bulls can shed BVDV in semen with acceptable spermatozoa concentration, motility, and morphology1,2. However, another study found BVDV decreased motility, increased diadem defects, small spermatozoal heads and proximal droplets in acutely infected bulls3.

  • There is no specific treatment for BVD Testicular Infection.

  • Vaccination with Bovi-Shield GOLD FP® 5, Bovi-Shield GOLD FP® 5 L5 HB, Bovi-Shield GOLD FP® 5 VL5 HB, Bovi-Shield GOLD FP® 5 L5, Bovi-Shield GOLD FP® 5 VL5, PregGuard GOLD FP® 10 is indicated.

  • Reproductive losses due to BVDV are economically significant.

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