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Antibody Science

Antibody therapy is the new horizon of companion animal medicine, offering innovative, targeted treatments for a number of diseases. These concise presentations will help you learn more about antibody science and how it is changing current and future approaches to treating many conditions.

Therapeutic Use of Antibodies — A Historical Perspective

A brief look at the centuries of research that led to current cutting-edge science

What Are Antibodies and Antigens?

The physical structure of antibodies

How Do Antibodies Work?

Therapeutic antibodies mimic the structure and function of naturally occurring antibodies

How Are Antibodies Processed by the Body?

Antibody elimination is not dependent on normal hepatic or renal function


Journal Article

Olivry T, Bainbridge G. Advances in veterinary medicine: therapeutic monoclonal antibodies for companion animals. Clinician's Brief. 10 March 2015.

MP4 Movie

Therapeutic Use of Antibodies—A Historical Perspective

PowerPoint® decks for educational purposes

What Is an Epitope?

Caninization of Monoclonal Antibodies

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