You and your dog have a lot in common. You play together. You eat and relax together. And if you aren’t careful about how much you eat and relax, you both might pack on unwanted weight together – excess fat that can be tough to shed.

Exactly how that extra weight is shed can be just as important to your dog’s health as the weight reduction itself. Of course, the first step is identifying the problem.

Canine Obesity – Just How Bad Is It?
Canine obesity is an important – and very common – medical condition with serious health implications. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has estimated that there are 41.2 million pet dogs in the United States. Other sources estimate 40 percent of those dogs, approximately 17 million, are overweight or obese. A recent study conducted by Zoetis found that veterinarians consider 47% of their patients overweight or obese but only 17% of dog owners think the same. Why the difference? It could be denial or the difficulty owners have in recognizing when their dogs are overweight.