Continuous ProtectionDRAXXIN helps to treat and control complex swine respiratory disease (SRD) for 9 full days.1,2

Protects the Pig and the Pen 24/9

DRAXXIN is extensively distributed to lung tissues achieving high, prolonged lung concentrations.1,2

Following intramuscular injection, DRAXXIN 1,2

  • reached a peak lung concentration of 3.47 µg/mL within 12 hours of dosing, far exceeding the mean peak plasma concentration of 0.581 µg/mL
  • achieved lung concentrations 61 times the plasma area under the curve (AUC), the parameter most likely accounting for the overall amount of drug exposure in target tissue
  • demonstrated an extremely long half-life of ~6 days

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Withdraw DRAXXIN/DRAXXIN 25 five (5) days prior to slaughter. Do not use in animals known to be hypersensitive to the product.
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