DRAXXIN 25: A Lower Concentration for Small Pigs

DRAXXIN 25 offers the same proven performance of DRAXXIN, now in a lower concentration formulated for small pigs.

Administer with Confidence

DRAXXIN 25 offers one-dose convenience and ease of administration so you can be sure your small pigs receive the treatment for swine respiratory disease (SRD) they need.

Financial Security

The lower per-bottle cost of DRAXXIN 25 reduces your financial risk. The Vial Guarantee program helps to protect your investment by replacing broken bottles and those lost to theft.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Withdraw DRAXXIN/DRAXXIN 25 five (5) days prior to slaughter. Do not use in animals known to be hypersensitive to the product.
Click here for DRAXXIN Prescribing Information
. Click here for DRAXXIN 25 Prescribing Information.