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How Can Hogistics Help You Market Your Pigs?

Pork producers face numerous challenges in making sound marketing decisions. Hogistics helps producers make smarter decisions.


In its continued efforts to support the swine industry, Zoetis has collaborated with the ProModel Corporation and MetaFarms, Inc. to create a predictive analytical model designed to help pork producers make better marketing decisions and improve pig flow management.


Better informed decisions and more efficient pig flows can all result in higher profits across the entire finishing system.

Reduce Your Variability

  • Reduce standard deviation.
  • Know how many pigs to sell and when.
  • Schedule your trucks on time.

Help Solve Your Challenges

  • Sorting through a large volume of data and deciding what is useful for making decisions.
  • Deciding when to ship animals to maximize income on the packer grid.
  • Measuring the impact of factors such as weather and disease on feed consumption and growth rate.
  • Static tools, such as spreadsheets and whiteboards.

Video: Predictive Modeling Using Hogistics

Hogistics is a service that takes into account the information that you know about pigs today, and uses a model to predict their weights, and more importantly, their weight distributions. It considers variables like health and seasonality and answers “what if” questions concerning tactical initiatives such as adding fat to a diet or adding a new vaccine, in a risk-free environment.

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