288 Veterinary Students Awarded Scholarships To Help Reduce The Burden Of Student Debt

In its fourth year, veterinary medicine scholarship program aims to support veterinary education by contributing a total of $576,000 to deserving students

MADISON, NJ, March 22, 2013 – Today, in an effort to offset the significant costs associated with a veterinary education, 288 second- and third-year veterinary students at accredited universities throughout the United States and the Caribbean each received a $2,000 scholarship from Zoetis™ and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF). Now in its fourth year, the program provided a total of $576,000 to 2013 recipients.

More than 1,500 applicants were evaluated based on several criteria, including academic excellence, professional interests, financial need, diversity, leadership and potential for contribution to the veterinary profession.  This year’s scholarship recipients reflect a broad range of professional interests.  Of the 2013 scholars:

  • 22 percent are from diverse backgrounds
  • 41 percent are studying to practice food and mixed animal veterinary medicine
  • 25 percent are going into small animal practice
  • 16 percent are entering academia (research and clinical)
  • Remaining recipients will go into other areas, such as public health, zoo animal medicine and poultry

For a list of 2013 scholarship recipients, please click here.

For one scholarship recipient, the support helped her spend time immersing herself in the profession, as well as get more involved in her community. "With my student loans, it was difficult to find the time or resources to get involved in important career-building opportunities because I had to work a lot," said Cara Haden, a 3rd year student at Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. "The support from Zoetis and the AVMF, allowed me to go to clinics and spend time with practitioners, attend the AVMA convention last year, and even some wet-labs. Most importantly, I was able to work less this year, which gave me the chance to serve as President of our AVMA student chapter."

Approximately 2,700 students will graduate from veterinary schools this year, with an average loan debt of nearly $140,000, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Since its inception four years ago, the Zoetis and AVMF scholarship program has awarded more than $2.7 million to over 1,100 aspiring veterinarians.

“Students are the future of the profession, and it’s our hope that this scholarship will help support them on their journey whether it’s going into food animal medicine, research and academia, private practice or another area of veterinary medicine,” said Vanessa Mariani, Director of Academic and Professional Affairs, Zoetis U.S. “We’re constantly looking to evolve the program to ensure it reflects the current status of the profession and supports the key issues facing students and young professionals.”
The scholarship program is a part of Zoetis’ Commitment to Veterinarians™ platform—which offers support through training and education, research and development, investing in the future of the veterinary profession, and philanthropy. 

About Zoetis

Zoetis (zō-EH-tis) is the leading animal health company, dedicated to supporting its customers and their businesses. Building on a 60-year history as the animal health business of Pfizer, Zoetis discovers, develops, manufactures and markets veterinary vaccines and medicines, with a focus on both farm and companion animals.  The company generated annual revenue of $4.2 billion in fiscal 2011. Zoetis has more than 9,500 employees and a local presence in approximately 70 countries, including 29 manufacturing facilities in 11 countries. Its products serve veterinarians, livestock producers and people who raise and care for farm and companion animals in 120 countries.

About AVMF

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation is the charitable arm of the AVMA. For nearly 50 years, AVMF has been dedicated to embracing and advancing the well-being and medical care of animals. Charitable contributions and support to the Foundation help veterinarians help animals. Initiatives include: Humane Outreach-Animal Welfare, Education and Public Awareness, Research Support, Student Enhancement and Support of the AVMA and its Initiatives. In the last decade, AVMF has awarded grants totaling over $9,000,000. For more information, visit www.avmf.org.

Full list of recipients below:

Auburn University

  • Courtney Wilson 
  • Farah Ashraf 
  • Rachel Lawson 
  • Wes Stephens 
  • Spencer Hubbard 
  • Christopher Faron
  • Rebecca Laube 
  • Brittany Mills
  • Katherine Gerken

Colorado State University 

  • Ana Bascunan
  • Katherine Alley 
  • Julia Herman
  • Christine Bui
  • Robert Cerda
  • Jennifer Elliot
  • Rachael Lau
  • William Brock 
  • Colt Daugherty 
  • Sarah Rios
  • Sarah C Christman
  • Jennifer Halleran 
  • Desiree Parks
  • Lauren Luedke

Cornell University

  • Jill Greisman 
  • Thomas Cully 
  • Chad Wall 
  • Andrew Massaro 
  • Sarah Fadden 
  • Alexander Navarro 
  • Matthew Fortin 
  • Elizabeth Brock
  • Lillie Davis

Iowa State University 

  • Carlie Koonce 
  • Andrea Cook 
  • Deanne Day 
  • Adam Pinkerton 
  • Joel Sparks 
  • Casey Robinson 
  • Jami Mallen 
  • Stephanie Weisbart 
  • Jessica Juarez 
  • Brittany Lasky 
  • Jamie Zuidema 
  • Melinda Zhu 
  • Lourdes Ivette Maldonado-Galarza 
  • Uri Donnett 

Kansas State University 

  • Andrea Lee 
  • Aaron P. Schaffer 
  • Rebecca Legere 
  • Kayla Conroy 
  • Kyle Clymer 
  • Miles Theurer 
  • Allison Ten 
  • Robert Martinez 
  • Bailey Krostoski 
  • Michelle Pavlick 
  • Andrea Dugan 
  • Maria F. Martinez(-Perez) de Zeiders

Louisiana State University 

  • Arturo Otamendi
  • Chelsea Morgan 
  • Melissa Fries 
  • Amanda Daniels 
  • Jaimi Goodman 
  • Elise Madara 
  • Lauren Peterson 
  • Carolina Azevedo

Michigan State University 

  • Jessica Knox 
  • Lindsay Cronin 
  • Christina Brownlee 
  • BinXi Wu 
  • Brianna Pfluger 
  • Erika Sikina
  • Julie Johnston 
  • Kari Kurtz 
  • Alexander Park 
  • Erez Gueta 
  • Kathryn Hill

Mississippi State University 

  • Matthew Mundy
  • Angel Henderson
  • Jason Wright
  • Justin Price
  • Lisa Durso
  • Andrew Nelson
  • William Dillard
  • Huyanh Tran

North Carolina State University

  • Ryan Bray
  • Terra Stines
  • Jessica Briley
  • Andrea Watson
  • Andrea Gentry
  • Kyle Maddox
  • Patrick Brinson
  • Joseph Malatos

Oklahoma State University

  • Gretchen Frost
  • Cami Jeter
  • Jonathan Bagwell
  • JD Folsom
  • Candace Wimbish
  • Roxanne Wallace
  • Brandon Bassett
  • Shawn Kinser
  • Kathryn Bailey

Oregon State University

  • Annamaria Tadlock
  • Heather McEvoy
  • Jaclyn Pribyl
  • Zaya McSky
  • Varinia Acosta
  • Laura Niman

Purdue University

  • Melissa Laws
  • Brandon Miller
  • Aaron Luth
  • Megan McGlothin
  • Shannon Kremer
  • Allison Joe
  • Rachel Heintz

Texas A & M University

  • Amanda Martinez
  • Rianne Decker
  • Rachel Kovac
  • Luke Duckworth
  • Jessica Scholl
  • Joshua Garcia
  • Matthew Sodek
  • Sabina Sheppard
  • Barry Nollen
  • Melissa Appel
  • Claire Gibson
  • Tong Yang
  • Raena Furtado

The Ohio State University

  • Rebecca Lehane
  • Brittany Graham
  • Maureen Rankin
  • Andrew Lefeld
  • Stephanie Heilman
  • Andrew Durig
  • Lauren Mundy
  • Amberley Amburgy
  • Evan Mariotti
  • Katrina Brungs
  • Kristen Moning
  • Michael Bradley
  • Melody Maxwell
  • Narry Tiao

Tufts University

  • Kylynn Fontaine
  • Gina Camarata
  • Katherine Lambden
  • Adrien Cloutier
  • Rachael Trageser
  • Shannon Moynahan
  • Nicole Mazzaschi
  • Cecilia de Souza
  • Quan Yuan

Tuskegee University

  • Wesley Dyer
  • Hilary McCormick
  • Thomas Caltabilota
  • Krystal Vail
  • Khalila Williams
  • Dania Del Castillo

University of California - Davis

  • Eileen Wong
  • Adam Scott
  • Natalie Villani
  • Brent Pascoe
  • Bernadette Grismer
  • Hanh Do
  • Scott Lafey
  • Christine Hsueh
  • Amy Achille
  • Diane Cheney
  • Virginia Fritsch
  • Jason Fuerst
  • Emma Deane
  • Amber Johnson

University of Florida

  • Brooke Butler
  • Jacquelyn Buonasera
  • Stephanie Kirchman
  • Landau Geoffrey
  • Jason Pearsall
  • Courtney Payne
  • Kelsey Vallario
  • Mark Belyeu
  • Kelly Cuthbert

University of Georgia

  • John Gagnepain
  • Amanda Vance
  • Jennifer Lockwood
  • Ameyalli Panjeti
  • Wylen Won
  • Emily Brown
  • Hannah Jackson
  • Shannon Larsen
  • Scott Goetgeluck
  • Rebecca Welch
  • Alan Power

University of Illinois

  • Meghan Ward
  • Tara Czepiel
  • Joshua Good
  • Amy Thatcher
  • Trisha Cooper
  • Brittany Banning
  • Andrew Martin
  • Terese Noe
  • Taryn Pfeiffer
  • Stacey Piotrowski
  • Rebecca Powell
  • Stephanie Zec

University of Minnesota

  • Megan Thompson
  • Amy Dahlke
  • Chris Thomson
  • Katherine Wedel
  • Blaire Albers
  • Lincoln Every
  • Julie Cho
  • Frances Phan
  • Kristen Cleary
  • Nikko Poulos

University of Missouri

  • Erin Frandsen
  • Megan Berlin
  • Lynn Barton
  • Mindy Nieuwboer
  • Sarah Prochnow
  • Amy Lack
  • Katherine Nadolny
  • Shane Murphy
  • Jillian Paegelow
  • Amanda Ford
  • Kristina Tan

University of Pennsylvania

  • Kate Huebner
  • Paul Glineburg
  • Sara Alfano
  • John Falco
  • Jason Palaigos
  • Alyssa Blaustein
  • Jesse Robinson
  • Julie Lee
  • Pooja Rathore
  • Emma Gorenberg
  • Lauren Duffee

University of Tennessee

  • Tiffany Makowski
  • Melissa Housley
  • Addie Roberts
  • Jennifer Rieger
  • Mary Dell Deweese
  • James Kendall
  • Jenny Bryant
  • Andrea Cote

University of Wisconsin

  • Courtney Blohm
  • Cynthia Wise
  • Justin Hess
  • Kathryn Livesey
  • Teresa Linder
  • Seth Oberschlake
  • Kristi Takasaki
  • Jack Gedymin

Virginia Maryland Regional CVM

  • Debora Weiss
  • Catherine Claxton
  • Rory Hekking
  • Elizabeth Wall
  • Kaitlin Jacobs
  • Katharine Sharon
  • Chelsea Mason
  • Stephanie Apple
  • Rodolfo Zamora
  • Katelyn Somers

Washington State University

  • Laura Quan
  • Rian-Michael Calugcugan
  • Tracy Quirk
  • Tessa Sustacha
  • Brianne Sorensen
  • Shelley Gerstner
  • Rebecca Coil
  • Adam McDougall
  • Siobhan Strom
  • Laura Noe

Gross Memorial Scholarship 

Western University - California

  • Stanley Sowy
  • Michelle Crupi
  • Claire Johnston
  • Gwen Stair
  • Annie Oh
  • Emily Holmes
  • Meagan Lee
  • Dan Su
  • Audrey Collinet
  • Allison Rowland

Ross University

  • Theo Nelson
  • Christopher Barry
  • Brandi Cox

St George's University

  • Katherine Woodard

St Matthew's University

  • Kelsey Jones
  • Tyler Barrett

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