D-Tec® CB Test Helps Eliminate Canine Brucellosis in Ohio Breeding Kennels

Testing Now Required at all High-Volume Breeding Facilities

FLORHAM PARK, N.J.—Nov. 30, 2015—In an effort to help eliminate canine brucellosis from Ohio’s high-volume breeding kennels, veterinarians are using D-Tec® CB to screen for canine brucellosis prior to breeding. D-Tec CB, a rapid slide agglutination test from Zoetis, detects antibodies to Brucella canis in dogs. The test enables veterinarians to confirm a dog’s negative status in approximately two minutes rather than sending samples to a laboratory and waiting two or three days for results.

“Our intent is to eradicate brucellosis in our kennels,” says Tony M. Forshey, DVM, Ohio State veterinarian, and chief of the Division of Animal Health, Ohio Department of Agriculture. “We can’t achieve our goal without reliable, efficient testing. Mandatory testing of breeding canine pairs at high-volume facilities will limit the spread of the infection and provide the data the state needs to set realistic goals and timelines for eradication.”

Canine brucellosis has no cure, so prevention is critical. Introducing screening routines can help control the transmission of the disease in kennels prior to breeding or to introducing a new dog into the kennel.

“We’ve had significant loss, both financially and emotionally, because of canine brucellosis,” says Aaron Wise, DVM with the East Holmes Veterinary Clinic in Berlin, Ohio. “We haven’t been able to quantify exact number of infections, but many Ohio breeders are already testing for B. canis because they see value in the test.”

According to Melissa Simmerman, DVM, assistant state veterinarian with the Ohio Department of Agriculture, state officials don’t know how widespread brucellosis currently is. The new ruling will give officials a better handle on the extent of the infection within a year of mandatory testing.

Brucella canis, the bacteria that causes canine brucellosis, can cause severe reproductive disorders including infertility and miscarriages in dogs. However, many stud dogs are asymptomatic and transmit the disease to their breeding partners through natural breeding or artificial insemination. D-Tec CB is used to confirm the presence of antibodies within canine sera to the B. canis bacterium.

“D-Tec CB provides veterinarians quick, accurate, in-the-field results so that dogs testing positive may be immediately isolated and tested further to confirm brucellosis,” says Matthew Krecic, DVM, senior technical services manager, U.S. Diagnostics for Zoetis. “The speed of these results gives veterinarians the ability to quickly and efficiently monitor and control canine brucellosis. The test presumptively confirms infection if antibodies are present.”

Under Ohio guidelines, breeders that produce at least nine litters and sell 60 dogs per year are classed as high-volume facilities and must test breeding pairs for canine brucellosis. For more information about D-Tec CB, please visit www.ZoetisUS.com or contact Zoetis Customer Service at 1-888-Zoetis1 (1-888-963-8471).

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