Day one Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccination now possible with RespiSure-ONE®

New York (August 19, 2010) – Pork producers can now vaccinate for mycoplasmal pneumonia when they are processing baby pigs. Previously labeled for use in pigs seven days or older, this new label claim makes RespiSure-ONE the only mycoplasma vaccine allowing for vaccination at day one. It is also the only vaccine labeled to aid in reducing severity of colonization and reducing shedding of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae.

In its chronic form, M. hyopneumoniae is a common bacterial pathogen that infects up to 80 percent of swine around the world.1,2 It reduces average daily gain and decreases feed efficiency. Mycoplasma typically transfers from dam to piglet during lactation and from older to younger pigs.

“This new label claim allows producers to conveniently vaccinate pigs at one day of age or older with one convenient dose,” says Steve Sornsen, DVM, MS, director of swine veterinary services at Pfizer Animal Health. “This is an ideal time to vaccinate. It moves vaccination away from the weaning period and allows for protection against clinical disease during the growing and finishing phases.”

Vaccinating early is important because pigs may be infected with mycoplasmal pneumonia during the first three weeks of life.3,4 Research shows a positive correlation between prevalence at weaning and respiratory disease at finishing.5 In addition, research from the University of Minnesota shows that pigs have memory cells from their dam that can respond successfully to mycoplasma vaccination when stimulated at a young age.6  

A trial demonstrated that a single dose of RespiSure-ONE helped provide exceptional effectiveness in protecting against mycoplasmal pneumonia.

“Efficacy, following a single dose of RespiSure-ONE, has been excellent,” says Ron White, DVM, senior veterinarian, Pfizer Animal Health. “In a challenge trial, pigs received a single dose of RespiSure-ONE at day one and were challenged with M. hyopneumoniae at two weeks of age. Vaccinates had significantly lower lung lesions (P=0.05) and concentrations of M. hyopneumoniae in the lungs (P=0.05) as measured by PCR.7 There was also reduced shedding of M. hyopneumoniae, for the vaccinates, during the four-week post-challenge period.

The new label for RespiSure-ONE calls for vaccination of healthy swine one day of age or older, as a single 2-mL dose. For more information about RespiSure-ONE, talk to your veterinarian, Pfizer Animal Health representative, visit or call 1-800-366-5288.

Pfizer Animal Health, a business of Pfizer Inc., is a world leader in discovering and developing innovative animal vaccines and prescription medicines, investing an estimated $300 million annually in animal health product research and development. For more information about how Pfizer Animal Health works to ensure a safe, sustainable global food supply from healthy swine and other livestock, visit  

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