First U.S. Guest Delegate Seeks To Build Relations With Nuffield International Farming Scholars

U.S. liaison developing plan to connect U.S. producers with international agriculture network

MADISON, N.J. — May 10, 2012 — London and Amsterdam were host this spring to one of the world’s most unique annual agriculture meetings, the Nuffield International Farming Scholars Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC). The event featured two U.S. agriculture Eisenhower Fellows and its first-ever U.S. guest delegate, Pfizer Animal Health Marketing Communications Manager Jean Lonie, who is now looking for ways to grow relations between U.S. agriculture and the Nuffield program.

“I am excited there is a desire here in the United States and within the Nuffield organization to connect American producers and agribusinesses to the Nuffield International Farming Scholar community,” says Lonie. “Across the globe, farmers and ranchers are developing new best practices that can help us safely, affordably and sustainably feed a growing population. Many of the thought leaders behind these practices have a unique common bond — they are Nuffield Farming Scholar alums.”

The Nuffield International CSC brings together more than 50 competitively selected Nuffield International Farming Scholars annually from seven participating nations, as well as delegates from nonparticipating countries. Since the United States is not a Nuffield member nation, Lonie will work with the Eisenhower Fellowship program and Nuffield International to develop a plan that will ensure opportunities for U.S. producers to participate in the CSC and build a connection with the Nuffield network.

“Having experienced the benefits of this organization firsthand, my goal is to look at how to formalize this relationship and generate a stronger connection with Nuffield International, so U.S. producers have the opportunity to benefit from this amazing program dedicated to building the personal and professional capacity of agriculturalists,” says Lonie. “My role also is to help build awareness for Nuffield International in the United States and work with other leadership development organizations — like the Eisenhower Fellowships — to connect U.S. producers with partners around the world.”

This year’s CSC provided a group of 63 scholars and delegates — including Lonie and two U.S. agriculture Eisenhower Fellows, Robert Blair, a grain farmer from Kendrick, Idaho, and Rhett Proctor, originally from a dairy farm in Massachusetts — the opportunity to travel through the Netherlands and London to learn about contemporary agriculture production and policy issues in the host nations and across the globe.

Nuffield scholars come to the conference with a chosen individual study topic. Lonie’s study topic was focused on creating a more formal connection between the United States and the Nuffield International program, specifically the role of agribusinesses in supporting the leadership development of farmers.

As a commitment to strengthening the program’s connection to the United States, the Nuffield Australia team worked with U.S. industry leaders to host the first CSC in the United States in 2010, which was held in Pennsylvania. This is where they met Lonie and the relationship remained when she joined Pfizer Animal Health in 2011. Lonie was the first individual American invited to join the CSC, with Nuffield Australia asking her to join the 2012 CSC.

“Her understanding of Nuffield, as well as her knowledge of U.S. agriculture, made her an essential part of the organizing team for Nuffield Australia’s first-ever CSC in the United States,” says Jim Geltch, chief executive officer, Nuffield Australia. “As a result of her involvement, the organization saw the participation of Lonie at the recent CSC in Europe as being of great benefit to both parties.”

Lonie will continue to play a key role in establishing closer ties between the United States, Australia and Nuffield’s global community of 1,300 agricultural professionals, Geltch says.

“Nuffield Australia is keen to continue building a global network of farmers, who can engage and support each other in cutting-edge research of value to the industry,” Geltch says. “In particular, Nuffield sees the participation of a major player in world agriculture such as the United States as being absolutely essential to any global network. The organization hopes to work with the Eisenhower Fellowships in the United States to strengthen ties between agricultural sectors around the world.”

With Lonie’s participation in the Nuffield International 2012 CSC, she and Pfizer Animal Health can help bring U.S. producers closer to this network of international agriculturalists, says Julian Garcia, group director, U.S. Cattle and Equine Marketing, Pfizer Animal Health.

“Her involvement with Nuffield International shows how her efforts, and those from Pfizer Animal Health, can impact and advance the animal health and agriculture industry,” Garcia says. “Creating more opportunities for U.S. producers to get involved with Nuffield International can only help strengthen and make this a truly unique international program.”

About the Nuffield International Farming Scholars

The Nuffield International Farming Scholars program traces its roots back to the aftermath of World War II. In an effort to recognize British and Empire farmers for their contribution to feeding the nation through the war and in an effort to advance the best agriculturalist practices around the world, Lord Nuffield, an industrialist and philanthropist, initiated a traveling scholarship. From two scholars in 1947 to more than 1,000 scholars from eight nations today, the Nuffield International Farming Scholars program is an unrivaled network of agriculturalists who are at the leading edge of their profession. Each year, participating nations — the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Canada and the Netherlands — provide scholarships of varying amounts to more than 50 agriculturalists to help fund their international travels. For more information, visit

About the Contemporary Scholars Conference

The Nuffield International Farming Scholars’ first engagement each year is the Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC), which provides an opportunity for the scholars to meet and gain an understanding of agriculture of the host nation. The CSC was established by Nuffield International to “consider agriculture and trade in a global context, farming in 2015 and 2050, and understanding consumer issues, world trade/agri-politics and discuss leadership issues.”

About the Eisenhower Fellowships

Chaired by General Colin Powell (Ret.), Eisenhower Fellowships is a private, non-profit, non-partisan organization seeking to foster international understanding and leadership through the exchange of information, ideas, and perspectives among emerging leaders throughout the world. Established in 1953 as a birthday tribute to President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the organization has sponsored more than 1900 Fellows from 108 countries. To learn more visit,

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