FluSure XP® Updated to Further Help Protect Against Circulating SIV Strains

MADISON, N.J. (Jan. 27, 2011) – Swine influenza virus (SIV) continues to evolve and challenge swine herds. Pfizer Animal Health has responded by updating FluSure XP® to include an H1N2 strain. The product still includes two strains of H1N1 and one H3N2, but now is the only commercial vaccine on the market to contain H1N2.

“The new formulation helps protect against the most current strains of SIV,” says Michael Kuhn, DVM, MBA, manager, veterinary operations for Pfizer Animal Health. “It is a result of our commitment to surveying the ever-changing landscape of SIV and aggressively updating our vaccines as necessary.” 

A challenge study evaluating the efficacy of the new formulation containing H1N2 demonstrated FluSure XP helped reduce clinical signs of flu, viral shedding and lung lesions in pigs challenged with Delta 1 H1N2.1  

Kuhn added: “The vaccine stimulated an antibody response to all strains contained in the vaccine, including the new H1N2 strain. This HI antibody response indicates that updated FluSure XP should help guard against the important flu strains circulating in swine herds today.” 

Challenge studies have demonstrated that FluSure XP helps provide cross-protection against five clusters or subclusters of H1 viruses, plus H3N2.1-7

New FluSure XP, when used with FluSure® Pandemic as part of the FluSure XP Defense System, helps guard against 9 out of 10 of the most current flu strains that threaten swine herds today.8 The FluSure XP Defense System also includes SIV surveillance, diagnostics, research and development, and manufacturing support from Pfizer Animal Health. 

FluSure XP is offered in combination with other vaccines and is readily available from your veterinarian or animal health vaccine supplier. For more information, producers should talk with their veterinarian or visit www.FluSureXP.com.

Pfizer Animal Health, a business of Pfizer Inc., is a world leader in discovering and developing innovative animal vaccines and prescription medicines, investing an estimated $300 million annually in animal health product research and development. For more information about how Pfizer Animal Health works to ensure a safe, sustainable global food supply from healthy swine and other livestock, visit www.PfizerAH.com.   

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