Fostera® PCV MetaStim® Now Available from Zoetis

Monovalent PCV vaccine updated with common adjuvant for more complete immune response

FLORHAM PARK, N.J., Aug. 25, 2015 — Zoetis announced today the availability of Fostera® PCV MetaStim®. The monovalent killed virus vaccine that helps protect against porcine circovirus associated diseases (PCVAD) caused by porcine circovirus Type 2 (PCV2) has been updated with the commonly used adjuvant known as MetaStim.

MetaStim, the common name for the SP (squalane, Pluronic®) oil adjuvant, is an emulsion used in vaccines to help elicit a humoral and cell-mediated immune response. This preserves the vaccine components so the antigens are released slowly as compared to other types of adjuvants. This release time gives more time for the immune system to develop a response to the virus.1

“MetaStim has been used in swine, bovine and equine vaccines for years, including most recently, Fostera PCV MH,” said Darrell Neuberger, DVM, Pork Technical Services, Zoetis. “In fact, Fostera PCV MetaStim is the monovalent porcine circovirus [PCV] fraction of our one-bottle combination vaccine — Fostera PCV MH. For producers and veterinarians who prefer monovalent vaccines, we want to ensure our PCV vaccine offers the same demonstrated efficacy and safety as the combination vaccine.”2-4

Along with the adjuvant update, Fostera PCV MetaStim also carries the same label claims as the PCV fraction of Fostera PCV MH. Fostera PCV MetaStim has been demonstrated to aid in preventing viremia, lymphoid depletion and colonization of lymphoid tissue caused by PCV2, as well as an aid in reducing PCV2 virus shedding.2-3 In addition, Fostera PCV MetaStim is backed by the industry-leading 23-week duration of immunity against PCV2 — three weeks longer than competitors.

Fostera PCV MetaStim will replace Fostera PCV in the Zoetis portfolio of swine vaccines. Fostera PCV MetaStim is available in 50- and 250-dose vials and can be purchased through your veterinarian or animal health retailer. For more information on Fostera PCV MetaStim, visit with your veterinarian or local Zoetis representative. Information also is available at

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