HD 50K Means Less Risky Purchasing Decisions

Find a sale with information from Pfizer Animal Genetics this fall

October 19, 2010 — Seedstock purchasing decisions can make — or sidetrack — any operation.  After all, the bulls and females purchased this fall contribute to the genetic future of the buyer’s herd.  Kent Andersen, Ph.D., associate director technical services, Pfizer Animal Genetics, says this means producers should look to reduce risk when introducing new genetics through use of all available information. 
“Today, it’s possible to get a more complete and dependable picture of genetic potential for young sire prospects and females if they have genetic information from the High-Density 50,000-marker panel (HD 50K) for black Angus cattle from Pfizer Animal Genetics,” Dr. Andersen says. “HD 50K Molecular Value Predictions (MVPs®) can be used along with EPDs and other information to help producers make more precise purchasing decisions.” 
Use of MVPs and EPDs can help save time and money by providing more complete and accurate information for less risky and ultimately more profitable decisions on sale day, Dr. Andersen says. HD 50K offers MVPs for 13 traits and the industry’s first fully genomic-based economic index.
“HD 50K MVPs provide producers additional information on valuable traits that are often expensive, time-consuming and difficult to measure, such as dry matter intake, marbling and tenderness, as well as maternal traits such as milking ability,” he explains. “This means producers can now more readily identify genetically superior animals for their specific situation, to effectively drive expressed progeny performance and enhanced net return.” 
For example, if producers are looking for calving-ease sires, HD 50K MVPs, used along with EPDs for calving ease and birth weight, can help to more dependably identify heifer bulls. What’s more, the $MVPFL (feedlot) index helps simplify sire selection by combining information about growth, feed efficiency and carcass traits. This means, those sires and females that possess multiple-trait superiority and serve a broad range of breeding objectives can be more readily identified when the $MVPFL index is used alongside MVPs for any combination of traits related to calving ease, growth, efficiency or maternal performance.
“Using HD 50K MVPs and the $MVPFL index can help producers take meaningful risk out of important seedstock purchasing decisions,” Dr. Andersen says
To locate a seedstock producer providing HD 50K information, producers should contact a Pfizer Animal Genetics representative. Their contact information is posted at www.pfizeranimalgenetics.com. Or producers can call 877-BEEF-DNA for additional information.  
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