One Wrong Decision Can Prove Costly When Treating BRD

Bovine respiratory disease can lead to all sorts of twists and turns on your journey to closing. See how BRD Solutions from Zoetis help make it simpler, with fewer costs along the way.

Getting your steers to breakeven can sometimes feel like working your way through a maze. You must make a lot of decisions along the way, and every decision can change your direction and getting to profitable closeout. For example, when bovine respiratory disease (BRD) threatens your livestock, using a less effective treatment option can lead to twists, turns, repeat treatments and dead ends. But with a more effective treatment option, you can ensure your path to healthy animals is clearer and within sight.

In this new video from Zoetis, see how some of the obstacles, headaches and extra costs can start to disappear based on your BRD treatment decision, including:

• Reducing extra pulls and re-treats that could lead to labor spending nearly 1.5 extra hours per 10-hour work day administering treatments1,*
• Limiting overall medication costs and use of antibiotics due to cutting re-treatments nearly in half1,**
• Reducing the negative impact on animal performance and gain1,***
• Up to 50% fewer deaths2 and chronic cattle3

Learn more about how BRD Solutions from Zoetis and three effective treatment options can help you avoid a journey full of costly twists and turns and reach a more profitable closeout at

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*With some injectable antibiotics you can expect to re-treat almost twice as many cattle, at least 47%, compared with a more effective option from Zoetis, according to a meta-analysis.1 Value also assumes you have a 36% re-treatment rate. 
**Users of some injectable antibiotics can expect to re-treat almost twice as many cattle compared with another more effective option from Zoetis, according to a meta-analysis.1
***Nonpulled cattle outgain pulled cattle and, according to a meta-analysis, users of some injectable antibiotics can expect to have almost twice as many re-treats compared with another more effective option from Zoetis.1

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