Pfizer Animal Genetics Partners with International Brangus Breeders Association

Brangus breeders now have new options in DNA testing and parentage verification

MADISON, N.J. — March 17, 2011 — Pfizer Animal Genetics and the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) are proud to announce an agreement giving Brangus breeders new options in DNA testing and parentage verification.

“Our partnership allows Pfizer Animal Genetics to perform the parentage verification that the Association requires for artificial insemination (AI) sires, donor dams, embryo transfer calves and show calves,” says Dr. Joseph Massey, executive vice president, International Brangus Breeders Association. “We also are looking at DNA profiles and how these animals and offspring are going to perform.”

Scott Bormann, North American business director, Pfizer Animal Genetics, says Brangus producers who want to begin using DNA technology can choose from multiple Pfizer Animal Genetics products and services.

“Not only will Brangus breeders be able to verify parentage with Pfizer Animal Genetics, but they also can gain valuable information from GeneSTAR® directly from the Association,” Bormann says. “The IBBA will begin distributing GeneSTAR tests, making the process much easier for producers who can now perform both parentage verification and GeneSTAR tests on the same DNA sample.”

GeneSTAR Molecular Value Predictions (MVP®s) utilize a targeted-marker panel to predict the genetic potential for feed efficiency, marbling and tenderness. Plus, the MVPs are accompanied by percentile ranks derived from the database of animals tested with GeneSTAR and Pfizer Animal Genetics. Lower percentile rank values generally indicate preferred ranking and more favorable genetic merit.

“We’re excited to offer GeneSTAR to Brangus breeders through their Association,” Bormann says. “Results of any GeneSTAR tests we process will be sent to the IBBA, which will then distribute the results back to the breeders. These results can help producers make more informed decisions about young animals and complement existing genetic selection tools, helping make decisions when other selection criteria are similar or when little information is available.”

Producers also can use the new GeneSTAR Palatability Index to rank animals according to described genomic merit for the combined traits of tenderness and marbling that impact tenderness, juiciness and flavor. Finally, GeneSTAR also includes genotypes for black, red and wild-type coat color, allowing producers to select either homozygous or heterozygous animals regardless of the desired coat color.

In addition to parentage verification and the GeneSTAR offering, Dr. Massey says he’s looking forward to the development and validation of future DNA testing products specifically for Brangus breeders.

“As a composite breeder, it becomes important because most of the DNA products currently available are breed specific,” Dr. Massey says. “With the help of Pfizer Animal Genetics, we can resolve these issues and develop tests that will be more informative for our breeders.”

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