Pfizer Animal Health Announces Reproductive Vaccine Guarantees

Producers can now help protect their herd’s reproductive health risk free

NEW YORK — Sept.10, 2010 — Pfizer Animal Health is proud to back its reproductive vaccines, 

Bovi-Shield GOLD® FP®, Bovi-Shield GOLD® HB, PregGuard® GOLD FP® and CattleMaster® GOLD FP®, with risk-free guarantees of protection and performance. 
“Veterinarians and producers have long trusted the Pfizer Animal Health family of fetal protection (FP) vaccines to help protect against reproductive diseases and profit losses caused by bovine viral diarrhea persistent infection (BVD PI) and infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) abortions,” says Jon Seeger, DVM, Veterinary Operations, Pfizer Animal Health. “That’s why we’re proud to back that trust with these guarantees.”
In fact, Pfizer Animal Health will guarantee 100 percent of calves born to be BVD PI-free provided that all cows and heifers have been vaccinated according to label directions at least 30 days prebreeding with Bovi-Shield GOLD FP, Bovi-Shield GOLD HB, PregGuard GOLD FP or CattleMaster GOLD FP vaccines. In addition, Pfizer Animal Health will guarantee herds to be free of IBR abortions if cows and heifers were vaccinated according to label directions at least 30 days prebreeding with the Pfizer Animal Health family of FP vaccines.* 
“We believe in the ability of our vaccines to help protect cattle from reproductive losses, and these guarantees further demonstrate our commitment to providing safe and effective products,” Dr. Seeger says. “In qualifying herds, if a BVD PI calf is confirmed, the value of the calf and the testing and diagnosis of both the calf and dam will be at our expense. We will also cover the cost of the diagnostics and the lost value of the animal if a positive IBR abortion is identified.” 
Dr. Seeger adds that helping protect  the reproductive health of a herd is an important part of good overall herd management, and failing to implement a complete and comprehensive reproductive vaccine program can leave producers vulnerable to shrinking profit margins. 
“Good management practices like improved biosecurity measures, proper nutrition and reduced stress at handling can definitely help to improve overall herd health,” Dr. Seeger says. “Still, those changes can’t guarantee BVD PI-free calves — or even fewer IBR abortions. But, producers that use Bovi-Shield GOLD FP, Bovi-Shield GOLD HB, PregGuard GOLD FP or CattleMaster GOLD FP in their reproductive vaccination programs can make those guarantees — all while helping strengthen their bottom line.”
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*The Pfizer Animal Health 100% BVD PI-Free Guarantee and the IBR Abortion Guarantee will be administered through Pfizer Animal Health – VMIPS (Veterinary Medical Investigations and Product Support) at 800-366-5288. Proof of purchase is required. Calves born to BVD PI-positive cows or heifers do not qualify for the guarantee.
LABEL INDICATIONS: The Bovi-Shield GOLD line and PregGuard® GOLD FP® 10 are recommended for vaccination of healthy cows and heifers approximately one month prior to breeding. These products can also be administered to pregnant cattle provided they were vaccinated, according to label directions, with any Bovi-Shield GOLD FP or PregGuard GOLD FP vaccine prior to breeding initially and within 12 months thereafter. Failure to follow label directions may result in abortions. The Bovi-Shield GOLD line may be administered to calves nursing pregnant cows, provided their dams were vaccinated within the last 12 months as described above. Consistent with good vaccination practices, heifers should receive at least two vaccination doses, with the second dose administered approximately 30 days pre-breeding. 
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