Pfizer Animal Health Now Accepting Proposals For 2012 Cattle Call Grant Program

Up to $100,000 in grant funding available for beef and dairy veterinary research

MADISON, N.J. — June 21, 2012 — Pfizer Animal Health is accepting research proposals for the 2012 Cattle Call grant program, which promotes excellence in veterinary research and education.

Pfizer Animal Health will help fund one or more individuals through a grant of up to $100,000 for innovative, clinically relevant research proposals that emphasize improvements in meat and milk production or immune function in beef or dairy cattle.

“We believe that the most productive way to advance veterinary research will be through an open model of innovation. By partnering with researchers who have specific areas of expertise and share our commitment to innovation, Pfizer Animal Health can help address unmet needs in the veterinary profession and bring forward new products and technologies that help further the cattle industry,” said Dr. Michelle Haven, Vice President, Business Development, Global Alliances and Strategic Planning, Pfizer Animal Health. “This collaboration is grounded in Pfizer Animal Health’s mission to continuously improve the health and care of animals worldwide and our commitment to advance veterinary science and education.”

According to Dr. Haven, the company is especially interested in research aimed at improving meat and milk production and reducing respiratory and reproductive diseases in cattle.

Applications must be submitted by Aug. 3, 2012. All applicants must be in good standing in their professional organization, and research must be conducted within the United States. A research committee will review the applications and will notify the selected recipient or recipients by Sept. 1, 2012.

“We’re hoping this call for collaborative research will help set a new standard in animal health research and innovation,” Dr. Haven said. “This is one of many types of partnerships we’re exploring at Pfizer Animal Health, and we hope working with leading partners in colleges of veterinary medicine will not only advance science but help to promote excellence in veterinary research and education.”

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