Zoetis Introduces New Long-Duration SYNOVEX® ONE Implants

SYNOVEX ONE FEEDLOT and SYNOVEX ONE GRASS implants offer unique benefits for producers looking for long duration performance enhancement in steers and heifers

FLORHAM PARK, N.J., May 17, 2016 — Today, Zoetis introduced SYNOVEX® ONE FEEDLOT and SYNOVEX ONE GRASS implants, an innovative addition to the existing SYNOVEX implant portfolio. SYNOVEX ONE delivers up to 200 days of implant performance in feedlot and stocker steers and heifers. The unique, patented pore-forming polymer barrier on SYNOVEX ONE FEEDLOT and SYNOVEX ONE GRASS implants extends performance without the need to re-implant — providing twice the duration of conventional uncoated formulations.

“Extended-duration implants require less labor and cause less stress on both personnel and livestock,” said Gary Sides, PhD, managing nutritionist, Beef Strategic Technical Services at Zoetis. “For feedlot and stocker producers, an implant of long duration provides simplicity and convenience for specific classes of cattle without sacrifice of either feedlot performance or quality grade.”

SYNOVEX ONE FEEDLOT and SYNOVEX ONE GRASS can help producers achieve their marketing goals and provide additional operation flexibility in managing their labor resources. The new SYNOVEX ONE formulations can be used in both steers and heifers to simplify implant programs, reduce the need to keep an inventory of different implants for steers and heifers, and eliminate the need to train processing crews on different applicators since all SYNOVEX implant formulations are administered with the same SX10 Precision Applicator. 

With the active ingredients trenbolone acetate and estradiol benzoate, SYNOVEX ONE FEEDLOT and SYNOVEX ONE GRASS demonstrated the following performance advantages in studies:
• Feedlot steers receiving SYNOVEX ONE FEEDLOT saw a 15% improvement in average daily gain (ADG) and a 9.8% improvement in feed efficiency over non-implanted steers.1
• Heifers receiving SYNOVEX ONE FEEDLOT saw a 12% increase in ADG and a 7% improvement in feed efficiency.1
• Steers receiving SYNOVEX ONE GRASS had a 17.2% improvement in gain over non-implanted steers.2
• Heifers receiving SYNOVEX ONE GRASS achieved an 11.3% increase in ADG.2

“SYNOVEX ONE FEEDLOT and SYNOVEX ONE GRASS are produced in the new SYNOVEX manufacturing facility at the Zoetis global manufacturing site in Lincoln, Nebraska. This state of the art facility is designed to meet our customers growing demand for SYNOVEX, while supporting our commitment to delivering high quality in everything we do,” said Paul Parker, senior marketing manager, Feedlot and Stocker at Zoetis.

Zoetis continues its commitment to research and development in an effort to bring producers new formulations of SYNOVEX®. The diverse formulations of SYNOVEX allow managers to choose the best implant to meet their marketing goals and allow flexibility in managing cattle to the most profitable endpoint. SYNOVEX ONE FEEDLOT and SYNOVEX ONE GRASS are the result of ongoing efforts to bring to market the best implant technology available.

To learn more about the SYNOVEX ONE FEEDLOT and SYNOVEX ONE GRASS, contact your Zoetis representative or visit GrowWithSYNOVEX.com.

Do not use SYNOVEX products in veal calves. Refer to label for complete directions for use, precautions, and warnings.

About Zoetis
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Download a high-resolution photo. Suggested photo caption: New SYNOVEX® ONE FEEDLOT and SYNOVEX ONE GRASS implants help increase gain for up to 200 days without re-implanting.

Link to the video showing how the SYNOVEX ONE FEEDLOT and SYNOVEX ONE GRASS patented polymer barrier works.

 1 Cleale RM, Bechtol DT, Drouillard JS, et al. Synovex Plus implants coated with a polymeric, porous film improve performance of beef steers and heifers fed in confinement for up to 200 days. J Anim Sci. 2012;90(13):5056-5066.

2 Cleale RM, Edmonds JD, Edmonds M, et al. Growth promoting hormonal implant pellets coated with a polymeric, porous film promote weight gain by grazing beef heifers and steers for up to 200 days. J Anim Sci. 2015;93(4):1933-1941.




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