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Diagnosis and Building Your Program

The foundation of IB protection: proper diagnosis

Getting the right protection starts with getting the right diagnosis. With several confirmed IB serotypes in the United States, identifying the one you’re dealing with is essential to an effective vaccination program.

By using PCR analysis for the spiked proteins on the virus, your Zoetis representative can help you confirm which IB serotypes threaten your flock. This science-based approach gives you the accurate information you need to respond quickly and make the smartest choices.

The right parts for a long-term solution

At Zoetis, we work with you to build a customized program for optimum IB prevention. All the parts are here: a complete portfolio of effective Poulvac® vaccines, field-level research and expert on-site service.

Part 1:

Identify IB in your flock

Symptoms include: depressed birds, decreased feed and water intake, respiratory problems, kidney lesions and/or reduced eggshell quality.

Part 2:

Confirm the strain(s)

Your Zoetis field expert will provide direction on how to collect tracheal or cloacal samples while overseeing lab-based RT-qPCR testing.

Part 3:

Ensure proper administration

We’ll help with the implementation of vaccination programs, and we’re ready to support field booster administration, helping to ensure effective immunization.

Part 4:

Check vaccine efficacy

You’ll get the follow-up service you need to monitor your flock, so you’ll know your program is delivering the protection you need.

Part 5:

Monitor existing and emerging strains

Zoetis researchers continually monitor the IB virus affecting your region, so we’re ready to develop new vaccines as needed, such as the Poulvac Bron GA08 vaccine.

Because the IB virus is constantly changing, we’re always planning ahead. It starts with a portfolio of Poulvac vaccines that gives you comprehensive protection options today. And because we’re ready to develop new vaccines as significant new threats emerge, you can count on Poulvac vaccines for optimum IB protection in the future.