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Poulvac® IB vaccine portfolio

Effective IB prevention starts with the right parts.

The Poulvac® IB vaccine portfolio is designed to give you more protection options for the long-term health of your flock and your business. We’ll work with you to ensure proper strain diagnosis, vaccine administration, monitoring and follow-up.

Poulvac IB Vaccine Portfolio
Vaccines by serotype

Poulvac IB Ark

Helps offer protection against the Arkansas serotype. May be administered at 1 day of age or older.

Poulvac IBMM + Ark

Aids in the prevention of IB Massachusetts and Arkansas serotypes, giving you even more value with one vaccination. It is an effective, safe option with flexible administration at 1 day of age or older.

Poulvac Bron GA98

Helps offer protection against the GA98 serotype. May be administered at 1 day of age or older, giving you reliable IB protection throughout the production cycle.

Poulvac Bron GA08

The first vaccine to help provide protection against the novel GA08 serotype. May be administered at 1 day of age or older.

Combination IB + Newcastle disease (ND) vaccine

Poulvac Aero

A bivalent modified-live virus vaccine that contains an attenuated Newcastle B1 strain and an attenuated Massachusetts (IB) strain. The single-vial combination helps you save on labor and other vaccine-related costs. Recommended for coarse spray administration of healthy chickens 1 day of age or older.

A model for the future of your operation.

Your business challenges go beyond IB: Escherichia coli (E. coli), Marek’s disease, Newcastle disease, Salmonella and Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) all can destroy the health of your poultry and your profitability.

The complete portfolio of Poulvac vaccines, paired with personal service from Zoetis, help protect your flock against these challenges in the hatchery and on the farm. Science-driven, field-researched protection. Customized, personal service. Together, we can build the right protection for your business today and respond to tomorrow’s challenges.