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Boost feed efficiency and gain in cattle without compromising feed intake.
  • Won’t compromise feed intake1-4
  • Requires no step-up program
  • Is approved for combination feeding with AUREOMYCIN®, the beef industry’s No.1 chlortetracycline.When BOVATEC® is fed in combination with AUREOMYCIN, a veterinary feed directive is required.
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    • Increases rate of weight gain and feed efficiency
    • Effectively controls coccidiosis
    • Approved for increased gains in pasture and increased gains and feed efficiency in feedlot cattle; effective in a wide range of diets
    • No step-up required, full dose does not negatively impact feed intake
    • Wide range of free-choice approvals (blocks, minerals, liquids, range cubes and tubs)
    • Approved for use in combination with MGA® + Tylan® or MGA alone for feedlot heifers
    • BOVATEC® Liquid 20 is the only liquid ionophore available
    • Approved for use in combination with AUREOMYCIN®,* which provides broad-spectrum health benefits
  • Mixing Directions

    This product should be further diluted in an intermediate blending step prior to mixing in the final feed. Do not feed undiluted.

    BOVATEC® 150 FP mixing directions

    BOVATEC 91 mixing directions

    BOVATEC Liquid 20 mixing directions



    Indications for use

    Feedlot cattle

    10 to 30 grams lasalocid per ton of total ration (90% dry matter)


    25 to 30 grams lasalocid per ton of total ration (90% dry matter)

    For improved feed efficiency in cattle being fed in confinement for slaughter, feed continuously to provide not less than 100 mg or more than 360 mg per head per day.

    For improved feed efficiency and increased rate of weight gain in cattle being fed in confinement for slaughter, feed continuously to provide not less than 250 mg or more than 360 mg per head per day.

    Pasture cattle — slaughter, stocker, feeder cattle, and dairy and beef replacement heifers

    60 to 300 mg lasalocid per head per day


    For increased rate of weight gain. The drug must be contained in at least 1 pound of feed and fed continuously on a daily basis.

    For increased weight gain, feed continuously on a free-choice basis. A medicated feed mill license is required to manufacture free-choice feeds using a proprietary formula and/or specifications. Free-choice feed formulations must be FDA approved.

    Daily lasalocid intakes in excess of 200 mg per head per day have not been shown to be more effective than 200 mg lasalocid per head per day.

    NOTE: Coccidiosis may occur when young pasture cattle are commingled with adult cattle passing coccidial oocysts.


    1 mg lasalocid per 2.2 pounds body weight per day

    For control of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria bovis and E. zuernii in cattle up to 800 pounds. Hand-feed continuously to provide not more than 360 mg per day. 

  • BOVATEC® 2.2 allows you to easily add an ionophore to your existing nonmedicated protein or mineral supplement or concentrate program.*

    Key Benefits

    • Convenient delivery of BOVATEC; reduced labor and equipment cost
    • Excellent margin of safety
    • Complements most nonmedicated supplement programs

    Dosing & Administration

    • Provide at least one block per 15 head
    • Locate approximately 300 to 500 feet from general resting or watering area
    • 0.43 to 1.45 oz. per head per day consumption delivers 60 to 200 mg lasalocid per head per day
    • At maximum consumption, new blocks should be placed out approximately once a month
    • No other salt source should be available to cattle

    *Supplement programs should not contain salt when fed in combination with BOVATEC 2.2.

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Do not use BOVATEC in calves to be processed for veal. Do not allow horses or other equines access to feeds containing lasalocid, as ingestion may be fatal.  Feeding undiluted or mixing errors resulting in excessive concentrations of lasalocid could be fatal to cattle and sheep. BOVATEC 2.2 contains copper. Do not feed to sheep.

Do not use AUREOMYCIN in calves to be processed for veal.

Animalytix is a registered trademark of ALYX. Tylan is a registered trademark of Eli Lilly and Company, its subsidiaries or affiliates.




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