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Bovine viral diarreah (BVD) virus is nothing to play around with. Compare what's in your BVD cattle vaccine with CATTLEMASTER GOLD FP®

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CATTLEMASTER GOLD FP® is the only line of killed BVD vaccine labeled to protect both the cow and her unborn calf or fetus against BVD reproductive diseases*. Additionally, it reduces the chances of abortions following a virulent infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) challenge. Why leave unborn calves or fetuses defenseless?

Maternal Protection

CATTLEMASTER GOLD FP® 5 provides protection against BVD virus.1

100 percent protection BVDV type 1 75 percent protection BVDV Type 2

Fetal Protection

CATTLEMASTER GOLD FP® 5 provides demonstrated protection against BVD persistent infection (PI) in calves.1

100 percent protection BVDV type 1 100 percent protection BVDV type 1

IBR Protection

CATTLEMASTER GOLD FP® 5 reduces the chances of abortions or stillbirths following a virulent IBR challenge.2

92 percent reduction abortions or stillbirths
how to mix cattlemaster gold fp video

How to mix Cattlemaster Gold FP®

Vaccines from CATTLEMASTER GOLD FP® combine killed and modified live antigens to give you a better immune response compared with ready-to-use killed viral vaccines. Watch how easy it is to mix using a transfer needle or Transclip®.

fetal protection video

Don’t give up the protection of a modified-live vaccine

Have you developed heifers on BOVI-SHIELD GOLD FP®? If for any reason you can’t stay on a modified-live vaccination program, switch to CATTLEMASTER GOLD FP®. Safely give it to any cow, anytime, with no loss in vaccine efficacy for either IBR abortions or BVD Types 1 and 2 persistent infection (PI) when following BOVI-SHIELD GOLD FP in heifers.

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The Fetal Protection Support Guarantee is our commitment to veterinarians and producers that their decision to use reproductive vaccines from Zoetis will be supported if a calf is identified with BVD virus persistent infection (PI), or if there is an abortion due to IBR virus.

Read the Guarantee

Explore our family of reproductive vaccines backed by our guarantee.

Bovi-Shield GOLD FP


The modified-live vaccine line offering the most effective protection against reproductive diseases like IBR abortions and BVD fetal infection.

bovi-shield gold fp® 5 l5 hb bovi-shield gold fp® 5 vl5 bovi-shield gold fp® 5 l5 bovi-shield gold fp® 5
Cattlemaster GOLD FP


The only killed BVD vaccine line safe for any cow, anytime, regardless of pregnancy status, delivering effective protection against BVD PI and IBR abortion.

Cattlemaster gold FP® 5 L5 cattlemaster gold FP® 5
PreGuard GOLD FP

PreGuard GOLD FP®

The modified-live vaccine delivering the efficacy of Bovi-Shield Gold FP® without BRSV, and effective protection against IBR abortion and BVD fetal infection.

pregguard gold fp® 10
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*In a study, 100% of calves born to cows vaccinated with CattleMaster GOLD FP 5 L5 while pregnant were protected from persistent infection following challenge by both BVD Types 1 and 2. Cite to label. In a similar study, following IBR challenge, approximately 90% of vaccinated cows gave birth to healthy calves whereas approximately 90% of nonvaccinated controls aborted. CattleMaster Gold FP 5 L5 label.

  1. Data on file, Study Report No. 3131C-60-96-154, Zoetis Inc. Protection defined as nonviremic cows based on BVDV Type 1 positive blood samples. Fetal tissues were collected following abortion or Caesarean section. A fetus was considered BVDV Type 1 positive if any tissues were positive.
  2. Data on file, Study Report No. 3131C-60-98-170, Zoetis Inc.
  3. Walz PH, Givens MD, Rodning SP, et al. Evaluation of reproductive protection against bovine viral diarrhea virus and bovine herpesvirus-1 afforded by annual revaccination with modified-live viral or combination modified-live/killed viral vaccines after primary vaccination with modified-live viral vaccine. Vaccine. 2017;35(7):1046-1054.

The Zoetis 100% BVD PI-Free Guarantee and the IBR Abortion Guarantee will be administered through Zoetis Veterinary Medical Information and Product Support (VMIPS) at 800-366-5288. Proof of purchase is required. Calves born to BVD PI-positive cows or heifers do not qualify for the guarantee. This guarantee does not apply to, and Zoetis shall not be liable for, any (x) damages caused as a result of the improper handling, misuse or abuse of the vaccines that are the subject of this guarantee, or the willful misconduct or negligence of any third party, or (y) any indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential damages. Zoetis reserves the right to modify or cancel the terms and conditions of this guarantee.


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