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Helps increase gain and improve feed efficiency in feedlot steers and increase weight gain in feedlot heifers.


SYNOVEX PLUS® is the most potent implant available for feedlot steers and heifers.

Administering SYNOVEX PLUS helps maximize performance in feedlot steers and heifers while delivering a strong return on investment.

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  • A formulation tailored to feedlot steers and heifers

    • Contains 200 mg of trenbolone acetate (TBA) and 28 mg of estradiol benzoate for a unique 10:1 ratio of TBA:estradiol benzoate
    • Works as an aggressive growth-promoting implant for feedlot steers and heifers

    A flexible and convenient implant

    • Administered with the SX10 Precision Applicator — like all SYNOVEX® implants — featuring an exclusive retractable needle for consistent, accurate placement*
    • Can be stored at room temperature until the package is opened

    Part of a broad portfolio of implants for every production stage

    • SYNOVEX C — An implant for suckling calves 45 days or older, up to 400 lb.
    • SYNOVEX S — An implant for steers weighing more than 400 lb.
    • SYNOVEX H — An implant for heifers weighing 400 lb. or more
    • SYNOVEX CHOICE® — An implant for feedlot steers and heifers

    Backed by the service and support you trust from Zoetis:

    • The Implant Quality (IQ) program includes training and tools to maximize implant investment
    • The Zoetis Technical Services Team includes beef cattle nutritionists, veterinarians and meat scientists
    • Your local Zoetis representative can help determine how to incorporate SYNOVEX PLUS® into your feedlot operation

    *All SYNOVEX formulations are compatible with both the SX10 Precision Applicator and metal Revolver applicators.

  • SYNOVEX PLUS® is approved for:

    • Increased weight gain and improved feed efficiency in steers
    • Increased weight gain in heifers

    One implant (eight pellets) is administered to each steer or heifer by subcutaneous implantation in the middle one third of the ear.

    Do not use in veal calves or in dairy or beef replacement heifers.

    SYNOVEX PLUS has a zero-day pre-slaughter withdrawal when used according to label directions.

  • SYNOVEX PLUS® is easy to administer with the SX10 Precision Applicator, which features a one-of-a-kind retractable needle for consistent, accurate placement of the implant.* The SX10 applicator can be used to administer all SYNOVEX® implant formulations, so processing is simplified because it only takes one gun chuteside.

    To administer SYNOVEX PLUS with the SX10 applicator, follow the instructions included with the applicator for loading the implant clip, cocking the applicator, disinfecting and cleaning, replacing the needle, and removing the implant clip.

    English and Spanish training videos are conveniently available online to help educate feedlot employees on implanting techniques, sanitation and use of the SX10 applicator.

    *All SYNOVEX formulations are compatible with both the SX10 Precision Applicator and metal Revolver applicators.

  • The Implant Quality (IQ) program from Zoetis helps you get the most out of your SYNOVEX PLUS® implant. It provides:

    • Establishment of implanting goals
    • Development of a customized quality assurance (QA) program to fit the operation’s goals
    • Training of crew members in correct sanitation and implanting techniques
    • Monitoring and analysis of results

    The program includes several useful tools:

    • Sanitation gear, including a disinfecting tray, sponge and ear brush, to help clean the ear prior to implanting
    • Service reports to assess implanting techniques of the processing crew and to check animals for implant retention three to four weeks later (available in paper or electronic formats)
    • Certificates of completion for all members of the processing crew

    Ask your local Zoetis representative how to get started with the IQ program.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Do not use SYNOVEX products in veal calves. Refer to label for complete directions for use, precautions, and warnings.



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