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About Synovex®

See how SYNOVEX® can help boost gains — and your profits.

An implant program
tailored to your operation

Cattle implants offer some of the best returns on your investment of all the technologies at your disposal. And helping you make the most of your cattle is our primary focus.

That's why all of our implant programs start with you. Together, we'll consider the type of cattle you own as well as your performance and marketing objectives. Whether you want to boost weight gain in cattle, improve feed efficiency, raise carcass merit or simply move the needle on profitability, we can help.

Then, we'll recommend a formulation that will match the needs and goals of your operation. From suckling beef calves to stocker and feedlot cattle, as well as formulations designed for conservative, moderate or more aggressive growth strategies, we have a solution for your operation.


With SYNOVEX®, you can produce more pounds of beef with fewer resources. In fact, studies have shown that SYNOVEX can deliver as much as 80 additional pounds of gain over the life of the animal.1

Because SYNOVEX implants deliver a demonstrated return on your investment, they're an important technology to help raise the bar on your profitability.2-4


Tour the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Lincoln, Nebraska.

To ensure you always receive an effective, high-quality product, Zoetis recently completed a $26 million manufacturing facility, featuring the most advanced equipment and rigorous quality control systems.

Zoetis representatives can help provide you with the right tools and training to seamlessly integrate SYNOVEX into your operation.

You also can leverage the expertise of the Zoetis Technical Services Team — which includes nutritionists, veterinarians and meat scientists — to help provide the best possible return on your investment.

Do not use SYNOVEX products in veal calves. Refer to label for complete directions for use, precautions, and warnings.



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