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Get 200 days of uninterrupted performance

SYNOVEX® ONE FEEDLOT and SYNOVEX ONE GRASS implants provide your operation with up to 200 days of improved weight gain and increased feed efficiency. They are the only true 200-day trenbolone acetate and estradiol implants for use in both steers and heifers. So you only need to use one applicator and one implant for all your cattle — providing labor savings and unmatched operational efficiency.

Why stress over implants?

If re-implanting your cattle is getting old, maybe it’s time to switch to the only true 200-day trenbolone acetate and estradiol implant for use in both steers and heifers. Just implant once with SYNOVEX ONE and don’t go gray worrying about implants.

What you get with 200 days of implant performance

Improved Operational Flexibility

More Pounds and More Profits*,1

Increased Labor Efficiency

Almost 7 Months of Implant ROI

The right choice for feedlot or pasture

Synovex One Feedlot

Get 200 days of improved feed efficiency 
and increased daily gains in both your steers and heifers.

Better Gains in Feedlot Steers and Heifers

Steers given SYNOVEX ONE FEEDLOT had increased gain and feed efficiency compared with nonimplanted steers.2
Heifers receiving SYNOVEX ONE FEEDLOT had higher ADG and improved feed efficiency.2
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Synovex One Grass

Extend your grazing windows and get 
more marketing flexibility in your grazing steers and heifers.

Increased Efficiency in Steers and Heifers

Steers given SYNOVEX ONE GRASS showed an improvement in average daily gain (ADG) over nonimplanted steers.3
Heifers receiving SYNOVEX ONE GRASS also demonstrated higher ADG.3
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Capture 20 Extra Pounds With SYNOVEX® ONE GRASS

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Do not use SYNOVEX products in veal calves. Refer to label for complete directions for use, precautions, and warnings.



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