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Effectively treats a broad range of bacterial infections commonly found in dogs and cats


ALBON (sulfadimethoxine) is effective for treating a wide range of bacterial infections commonly encountered in dogs and cats. It is indicated for use in dogs and cats with respiratory, genitourinary tract and soft-tissue infections. It is also indicated for treating dogs with bacterial enteritis associated with coccidiosis.

125 mg, 250 mg, or 500 mg sulfadimethoxine per tablet.

  • 125 mg in 200-count bottles
  • 250 mg in 500-count bottles
  • 500 mg in 100- and 500-count bottles

Oral Suspension 5%:
60-mL and 473-mL bottles; each tsp (5 mL) contains 250 mg sulfadimethoxine custard-flavored carrier.


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    • Plasma protein binding of sulfadimethoxine is high, creating a drug reservoir in the blood that maintains higher blood levels than most other long-acting sulfonamides.
    • A single, daily dose gives rapid and sustained therapeutic blood levels for 24 hours.
    • Daily dosing increases likelihood of compliance, potentially improving outcomes.
    • Available as a tablet and a palatable custard-flavored suspension that eases administration.


ALBON should not be used in dogs or cats with marked liver damage, blood dyscrasias, or in those with a history of sulfonamide hypersensitivity.

See full Prescribing Information on Albon Tablets.

See full Prescribing Information on Albon Oral Suspension 5%.




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