Safe, Efficient, Reliable Pet Sedation


An analgesic and sedative for dogs and cats, DEXDOMITOR facilitates a variety of common veterinary procedures by creating a calm, cooperative environment which:

Actual uses of DEXDOMITOR in cats7 and dogs8

  • Radiography and ultrasound7,8
  • Ear examination and treatment of otitis7,8; ophthalmic examination8
  • Abscess treatment, suture removal or skin biopsy7,8
  • Grooming and bathing7,8
  • Orthopedic exams; bandage change8
  • Anal gland treatment; enemas8
  • Nail clipping8
  • Oral exam7,8

Demonstrations of Controlled Sedation with DEXDOMITOR

Watch these videos for a more in-depth look at the DEXDOMITOR mode of action, and how to use DEXDOMITOR for effective sedation in dogs and cats.

Flexible Sedation and Reversal for Dogs

With flexible dosing, you may determine the depth and onset of sedation on a case-by-case basis.

Once the procedure is complete, use ANTISEDAN® (atipamezole) to reverse the effects of DEXDOMITOR9 so the dog may return home alert and resume its normal routine.

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