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Flu DETECT®Avian Influenza Virus (AIV) Type A Antigen Test Kit (Chickens and Turkeys)

A Rapid Immuno Migration (RIMTM) test kit for the detection of AIV Type A in chickens and turkeys

Additional confirmatory testing should be performed to determine flock infection status.

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  • Excellent Specificity for All Subtypes of Avian Type A Influenza Virus1


    Detect AIV with Confidence1
    Tracheal And Cloacal Swabs:

    Excellent Specificity

    • 98% to 100% specificity when tested using a non-AIV Masked Suitability Panel

    Excellent Sensitivity1

    Tracheal And Cloacal Swabs:

    • 100% sensitivity when detecting whole AIV out to a dilution of 1:16,0001
    • Consistently detected viral loads of 103 -104 EID 50/mL1

    Good Correlation2

    Tracheal And Cloacal Swabs:

    • Good Correlation with RT - PCR
      • 80% to 100% correlation to RT - PCR at 3 and 5 days post - infection

    1Data on file, Suitability Study Report, February 22, 2006, Zoetis Inc.
    2Data on file, Preliminary Research Report, November 4, 2005, Zoetis Inc

  • Description:

    USDA-licensed, NPIP-approved In-vitro, Rapid Immuno Migration (RIM™) test designed to aid in the qualitative detection of Avian Influenza Virus (AIV) Type A in tracheal or cloacal samples from symptomatic chickens or turkeys.

    Virus detected:

     AIV Type A, including all subtypes

    Use Situations:

     Surveillance of flocks of chickens for active exposure to Avian Influenza Virus. Positive results should be submitted to a reference laboratory for confirmation and subtype determination.


    Use tracheal or cloacal samples



    Excellent Sensitivity: 100%

    Excellent Specificity: 98% to 100%

    Good correlation with RT-PCR at days 3 to 5 post-infection: 80% to 100%

    Test Time:

     Results available in approximately 15 minutes


    20 test strips per kit

    Store test kits at 35ºF-86°F (2ºC-30º C) (do not freeze)

    Shelf life of 18 months from the date of the first potency test

    1Data on file, Suitability Study Report, February 22, 2006. Zoetis Inc.
    2Data on file, Preliminary Research Report, November 4, 2005, Zoetis Inc.

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