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OVASSAY® Plus Kit Fecal Flotation Device

A clean, accurate and safe fecal testing system

OVASSAY Plus Kit is the easiest and most accurate in-clinic fecal flotation method for identifying gastrointestinal parasites. It delivers a clean, professional fecal testing system with accuracy and safety in mind.

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    • Leak-proof cap.
    • Floats Giardia cysts.
    • Improved detection of low-level ova burdens.
    • 100% sealable and disposable.
    • Increased filter area for improved detection of low-level ova burdens.
    • Client-friendly collecting procedure assures compliance with easy-to-follow sampling instructions and a device that seals tightly closed for transport.
    • Overflow reservoir to assure a non-spill test that will reduce exposure to potentially hazardous samples.
  • Sample Information and Collection

    Canine or feline fecal material is required for this test. To collect a stool sample:

    1. Remove the insert.
    2. Press the small end of the OVASSAY® Plus insert into the fecal sample. Loose stools may need to be scooped into the small end of the insert.
    3. Place the loaded insert into the OVASSAY® Plus device, and close the leak proof cap.
    4. Write the pet’s name on the cap, and return the loaded device to the veterinarian.

    Instructions for Use

    1. With the filled insert in place, add the zinc sulfate solution until the fluid level reaches about halfway up the device.
    2. Mix fecal sample and zinc sulfate solution thoroughly by rotating the insert.  This separates eggs and cysts from fecal sample.
    3. With the bottom edge of the cap, push on the insert until it is firmly seated in the device.
    4. Carefully fill the device with flotation solution to form a meniscus at top of the device.
    5. Place a cover slip on the meniscus for 5 minutes.
    6. Transfer the cover slip to a microscope for examination.
    7. Close the cap tightly for easy disposal.



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