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An ELISA test kit for the detection of LT virus antibodies in chicken sera

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  • Good Specificity and Sensitivity to LT Virus Antibodies1

    • No False Positive Reactions
      • When tested with a monospecific sera panel consisting of National Veterinary Services Laboratories (NVSL) Panel #2 samples.
      • Each sample was tested with 6 replicates per plate and tested in 5 ProFLOK® LT ELISA plates.
      • All monospecific sera for other poultry disease agents were negative on the ProFLOK® LT ELISA kit.

    1Data on file, Efficacy Study Report, June 25, 1990, Zoetis Inc.

  • Description:

    USDA-licensed, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) screening test kit for the detection of Fowl Laryngotracheitis (LT) virus antibodies in chicken serum samples.

    Antibodies detected to:

    LT virus

    Use Situations:

    Routine LT monitoring: Collect and assay 30 serum samples per flock. A. Pullets, breeders, layers: every 6 to 8 weeks. B. Broilers: market age.

    LT vaccination evaluation: Randomly collect and assay 30 or more serum samples per flock immediately prior to LT vaccine administration (pre-vaccination) and 14 to 28 post-vaccination.

    Sampling: Serum samples are used for testing.


    Good Specificity

    Good Sensitivity

    Good Reproducibility

    Test Time:

    Results available in approximately 2 hours.


    Up to 900 tests (10 plates of 96 wells)

    Store test kits at 2ºC – 7ºC (36ºF-45°F) (do not freeze)

    Long shelf life of 24 months for easy inventory management

    1Data on file, Suitability Study Report, July 13, 2009, Zoetis Inc.