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i-STAT Alinity v Handheld Analyzer

i-STAT Alinity v Image

The i-STAT Alinity v is an advanced, easy-to-use, portable analyzer that delivers real-time, lab-quality results from 2-3 drops of whole blood in 2-3 minutes - making it the ideal solution for critical care situations, emergency hospitals, exotic animals, and research needs at the point-of-care. Built on the proven technology of the i-STAT, the i-STAT Alinity v analyzer delivers accurate results for blood gases, electrolytes, chemistries and hemotology. It provides important information needed to monitor and evaluate chronic disease and pre-anesthetic patients and provide diagnostic specialty testing information for ill patients.

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  • Acid-base, blood gas, electrolyte, chemistry, and hematology testing with one platform

    Saves counter space and money while improving in-house testing capability


    Intuitive user interface that requires minimal operator training

    Portable, lightweight (1.9 lbs)

    Diagnose and treat at the point-of-care, whether out in the field or in the exam room


    Robust construction suited for fast-paced environments

    Easy-to-replace rechargeable battery

    Always ready to use

    Small sample size - 95 µL or less

    Provides the ability to test small or ill animals such as an anemic puppy or a fractious cat

    Speed: results in approximately 2-3 minutes

    Obtain results, diagnose, discuss with clients and begin treatment immediately at the point-of-care

    Accurate and reliable1

    Offers peace of mind to make quick and confident patient assessment

    Low maintenance

    Minimize additional costs and time

    Calibration not required

    Ensures reliable results and removes the need for costly external controls

    Large high-resolution, color touch screen

    Enable simple, intuitive navigation

    On-screen assistance

    Reduce user errors and alleviates frustration

    Result notifications

    Sound, light, and color indicators show when results are in normal, abnormal, or critical range

    High-resolution camera

    Captures 2-D barcodes for patient ID, operator ID, and cartridge lot information

    Advanced connectivity

    Wireless and wired connectivity options available

    App-based platform

    1 Data on File, Zoetis Study No. TI-04054

  • Weight
    1.5 lb (660 g) without battery 
    1.9 lb (840 g) with battery
    Operating Temperature 16 - 30 °C (61 - 86 °F) for VETSCAN i-STAT cartridge testing
    Storage Temperature and Humidity
    10 to 60ºC (14 to 140ºF)
    10 to 90% non-condensing, with maximum saturation temperature of 50ºC (122ºF)
    Altitude Up to 3,048 meters (10,000 feet)
    Display 5 in, 800 x 480 pixels with touchscreen, measured diagonally
    Power source
    Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery, 3.65 (nominal) 
    VDC, 19.3 Wh
  • What technology does the i-STAT Alinity v utilize?
    The core measurement technology of the i‑STAT Alinity v system is in the micro-fabricated electrochemical sensors located in the i‑STAT single-use disposable cartridges. A group of thin film electrodes located at the top of a cartridge are coated with chemically sensitive films. These coated sensors react to small changes caused by chemical reactions in the sample. The sensors are either potentiometric, measuring changes in the electric potential, amperometric, measuring changes in electric current, or conductometric measuring changes in conductivity. The concentration of the analyte is determined by measuring the difference in signal from the calibrant and the sample. This difference in signal is then converted to the specific concentration units for the analyte using the analyzer's internal processor.
    What kinds of tests can be run on the i-STAT Alinity v instrument?
    The I-STAT Alinity v offers a variety of disposable, single-use cartridges (7) including tests for acid/base analysis, blood gases, chemistry, hematology, electrolytes, and some specialty tests like Lactate. These cartridges are configured with parameters that can give insight into patient's condition depending on the clinical situation.
    What type of sample is used?
    Whole blood samples without anticoagulant or whole blood collected into lithium heparin may be used.
    For additional information regarding individual cartridge and sample collection and handling suggestions, visit
    What is the shelf-life of the i-STAT Alinity v cartridges?
    The cartridges are manufactured with 5-11 months shelf life, depending on the stability of the analytes in each cartridge.
    What species does the i-STAT Alinity v have reference ranges for?
    Dog, cat, and horse. 
    What analytes on the i-STAT Alinity v system are measured and which are calculated?
    Measured: Hematocrit (Hct), Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), Creatinine (Crea), Ionized Calcium (iCa), Glucose (Glu), Chloride (Cl), Sodium (Na), Potassium (K), pH, Partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pCO2), Partial pressure of oxygen (pO2), and Lactate. Calculated: Hemoglobin (Hb), Bicarbonate (HCO3), Total carbon dioxide (TCO2), Oxygen saturation (sO2), Anion gap (AnGap), and Base Excess (BE).
    Does the i-STAT Alinity v require calibration?
    No. Calibration is performed each time a cartridge requiring calibration is used, automatically. During the first part of the testing cycle, the calibrant solution is released from its foil pack and is positioned over the sensors. The signals produced by the sensors' responses to the calibrant solution are measured. The calibration adjusts the offset of the stored calibration curve.
    Does the i-STAT Alinity v require a lot of maintenance?
    No, not at all. Only maintenance required for the i-STAT Alinity v is a software update twice a year.
    Do I need to run controls for the i-STAT Alinity v?
    No. A series of automatic quality checks are performed during each test cycle. When there is a quality check failure, a message is displayed with the cause and corrective action. The quality checks detect improper environmental conditions, analyzer function, cartridge filling, cartridge function, and sensor function. 
    If running an external control is part of your standard lab practices, controls are available for purchase from Abaxis. Target values can be found here:
    Why does the i-STAT Alinity v have software updates?
    The i-STAT Alinity v System is designed to eliminate operator influence on delivered results. Due to the continuous manufacturing process improvements to the i-STAT Alinity v System, it is necessary to update standardization values from time to time to maintain long-term consistency of performance. These updates are equivalent to manually adjusting calibration on a traditional laboratory analyzer. New software incorporates refinements to the internal quality monitoring system and allows the i-STAT Alinity v to recognize any newly launched cartridge types and to perform any newly launched feature.
    How much blood is required to run an i-STAT Alinity v cartridge?
    17-95 µL, depending on the cartridge used.
    If the i-STAT Alinity v analyzer is exposed to extreme heat or cold, will it still produce reliable results?
    Operating temperature for i-STAT cartridge testing is 16-30 °C (61-86 °F). If it is out of this range, please take proper steps to get this analyzer back to this temperature range. The analyzer will display an alert if the analyzer is outside of operating temperature.
    Where do I store the i-STAT Alinity v cartridges?
    All i-STAT test cartridges should be refrigerated at 2-8 °C (35-46 °F). Once removed from the refrigerator, cartridges can be stored at room temperature (18-30 °C or 64-86 °F) resulting in a shorter shelf life – refer to cartridge box for additional information. Once a cartridge has been warmed to room temperature, do not return it to the refrigerator.
    Do the cartridges require warm-up before use?
    Allow five minutes for an individual cartridge - or one hour for a box of 25 cartridges - to reach room temperature before use if taken from refrigerator.

i-STAT Alinity v Demonstration

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