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ViraCHEK® CV Feline Coronavirus (FCoV) Antibody Test Kit

Simple and Effective Detection of a Deadly Feline Virus

An ELISA test kit for the detection of antibodies to FCoV

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  • Dependability and Easy Interpretation Yield Accurate Results

    Easy Interpretation

    • Color change versus negative control confirm results

    – Any color change with greater intensity than the negative control (clear) indicates the animal has previously been exposed to or currently has an active infection with FCoV
    – No color development in the test sample well strongly suggests a lack of clinical disease due to FCoV

    Excellent Sensitivity and Specificity1

    • Sensitivity: 99%
    • Specificity: 98%

    1Data on file. Pfizer Animal Health, December 1998.
    The presence of antibodies to FCoV indicates the possibility of Feline Enteric Coronavirus (FECV), which is generally thought to be the precursor of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) infection. A positive titer does not necessarily mean that the cat has FECV and/or FIP; however, a positive FCoV serology should be considered in conjunction with other clinical findings and symptomatology to support a diagnosis of FECV and/or FIP. A negative antibody titer strongly suggests lack of clinical disease due to FECV and/or FIP.

  • Description:

    An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) test kit for the detection of antibodies to Feline Coronavirus (FCoV)

    Antibodies Detected:


    Use Situations:

    For the detection of the FCoV


    1μL of plasma or serum is used for testing


    Sensitivity 99%
    Specificity 98%

    Test Time:

    Results available in approximately 30 minutes

    Packaging: 1

    96 wells (breakaways) for up to 94 tests per kit Store test kits and unused diluted wash solution at 36-45°F (2-7°C) (do not freeze)

    1Data on file. Pfizer Animal Health, December 1998.

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