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Skin Conditions

Treating skin disease can be challenging

Skin problems can often look alike. Allergies, infections, parasitic disease and other conditions, for example, can have very similar signs. Skin problems can be a life-long condition, but are often successfully managed. In order to be successful in the treatment of skin problems, it's critical to have your veterinarian identify the root cause of your pet's skin problems and recommend a treatment and prevention plan.

Follow the plan

Your pet's treatment may not be a simple plan. Your pet may be prescribed multiple medications, a shampoo and a topical. These may have to be applied a few times a day for several days. If you have difficulty pilling your pet or bathing your pet, tell your veterinarian so he or she can recommend solutions. A treatment plan is only effective if you can implement it completely

Remember, after you leave the clinic, your veterinarian is relying on you to follow instructions and let him or her know how it is working and if there is a problem.

Check back with your veterinarian

Your veterinarian will need to monitor your pet's progress while on the treatment plan. Often times, skin problems will recur and a re-check visit will be required.

Avoid future issues

Once your pet's skin condition has been corrected or is manageable, your veterinarian may provide recommendations for long-term care to prevent future problems.