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Skin Conditions

Signs of a possible skin problem

When your pet has a skin problem, you should see your veterinarian. If your pet has a skin problem there will be signs, often times, more than one. These signs are important clues. Here's what you should watch for:


Fleas are a very common problem. Even the cleanest homes can have fleas. If you're bothered by fleas, then you know how your pet feels.

Fleas are an irritant to your pet, and in many cases a flea infestation can result in secondary skin problems such as allergic dermatitis and skin infections.

Signs of flea allergy dermatitis may be frequent licking, scratching, rubbing, hot spots and scabs, particularly on the back half. Even if you don't see a flea on your pet, look closely for flea droppings or eggs in your dog or cat's coat.

In addition to treating your pet with a topical and/or oral flea product, you may have to treat your home and your yard for flea infestations.

Possible causes: