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Skin Conditions

Signs of a possible skin problem

When your pet has a skin problem, you should see your veterinarian. If your pet has a skin problem there will be signs, often times, more than one. These signs are important clues. Here's what you should watch for:


It's hard to be a proud pet parent when your dog or cat is scooting its rear across your carpet. While scooting is uncommon in cats, in dogs it's a telling sign that there may be a problem with the anal sacs. Other signs are biting or licking the anal area.

Under normal circumstances the anal sac emits a substance when your dog does his business. Anal sacs can stop working properly and the substance in the sac becomes impacted inside. This is more common in smaller dogs.

When anal sacs become impacted they can be expressed (emptied) by a professional.

Scooting may also indicate allergies or GI issues. Make an appointment to see your veterinarian to determine and treat the root cause.

Possible causes: