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Before Treatment

After Cytopoint

CYTOPOINT® is effective even in challenging cases of canine atopic dermatitis1

Veterinarian: Dr Kimberly Coyner, Dermatology Clinic for Animals, Tacoma, WA

Coco had received many different treatments, all unsuccessful

Presentation and history

Coco had a long history of chronic canine atopic dermatitis. Treatments with corticosteroids, cyclosporine, oclacitinib, allergen-specific immunotherapy and a home-cooked hypoallergenic diet had failed.

Owner’s perspective

Coco’s owners reported feeling helpless because so many treatments had failed to give Coco relief. Coco’s scratching would sometimes wake them at night.

“He was scratching all the time. He had lost all his hair, his skin was black, he smelled awful all the time, and his skin was even sweating. He wasn’t playful anymore, and always looked so sad.”
— Clair Rice, 12/9/15

Coco suffering with canine atopic dermatitis Coco and close-up of his atopic dermatitis

Coco was scratch-free within a day or two

Treatment decision

Dr Coyner opted to treat Coco’s refractory atopic dermatitis with CYTOPOINT.

CYTOPOINT treatment result

Approximately 7 weeks after the first CYTOPOINT injection, Dr Coyner saw Coco for a recheck and a second injection. The owners reported seeing results almost immediately after the first injection—“Within a day or two, he was scratch-free,” they said. “His hair has now grown back…his skin is not black like it used to be.” – 12/9/15

Coco close up after CYTOPOINT treatment Coco and owner after canine atopic dermatitis treatment

“He is back to being his playful self. He is like a new dog and we enjoy having him around us again.”
— Claire Rice, 12/9/15

Indication: CYTOPOINT aids in the reduction of clinical signs associated with atopic dermatitis in dogs.

Reference: 1. Data on file, CYTOPOINT Case Studies, Zoetis Inc.

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