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This site is intended for U.S. animal healthcare professionals


This site is intended for U.S. animal healthcare professionals

Before Treatment

After Cytopoint

CYTOPOINT® is an excellent choice for owners who are looking for a long-lasting alternative to daily pilling treatments1

Veterinarian: Dr Liz Hardesty, Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital, Beaverton, OR

Harley’s temperament and his owner’s schedule made daily pilling treatments challenging

Presentation and history

Harley had received regular grooming at Dr Hardesty’s clinic for a number of years. The groomer began consistently noticing skin infections, ear infections and hot spots. Dr Hardesty treated Harley with antibiotics and prescribed daily oral tablets for the underlying itch. Harley’s condition improved and he had fewer secondary infections; however, due to Harley’s feisty temperament and the schedule issues resulting from having young children, his owner was having difficulty with daily pilling.

Owner's perspective

With two small children, Harley’s owner has a hectic schedule, and Harley is not an easy dog to pill. The daily oral dosing was adding to the stress of both owner and dog.

“Our experience with the daily pill was that it made it a little tough on our daily life. We had to remember to give it to him daily at roughly the same time, but he just has become sort of less of a priority now that kids are around, and it’s been pretty difficult to give him the pill every day.”
— Meaghan Reiser, 6/22/16

Harley’s skin is damaged by canine atopic dermatitisHarley’s skin is damaged by canine atopic dermatitis

Harley’s itch is controlled, and his owner loves the convenience of CYTOPOINT

Treatment decision

When CYTOPOINT became available, Harley’s owner was very enthusiastic about trying it, so Dr Hardesty gave Harley the injection to control his chronic itch.

CYTOPOINT treatment result

At the 30-day recheck, both Dr Hardesty and Harley’s owner were very pleased with Harley’s progress. Harley’s itching was controlled and his constant paw biting had stopped. His owner reported that he was more able to “be himself.” Dr Hardesty noted that, despite his age, Harley seemed to be more lively and energetic than he had been before, now that his chronic itch was no longer bothering him. — 6/22/16

Harley’s skin is healed after CYTOPOINT treatment

“Harley's owner seemed very happy at the one-month recheck. It seemed like we had taken a weight off of her shoulders in terms of having to administer medication at home. I think it did improve their human-animal bond. I'm sure at home, she is able to spend some quality time with him…in ways other than struggling with medication.”
— Dr Liz Hardesty, 6/17/16

Indications: CYTOPOINT has been shown to be effective for the treatment of dogs against allergic dermatitis and atopic dermatitis.



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