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side effects

CYTOPOINT® side effects

Adverse health events were comparable to placebo in client-owned dogs1*

Adverse Events Reported In >2% of Dogs in a Field Safety Study1†
Abnormal Health Event Preferred Term Placebo (N  = 83 dogs) CYTOPOINT (N = 162 dogs)
Otitis Externa 12.0% (10) 13.0% (21)
Dermatitis 13.3% (11) 9.9% (16)
Bacterial Skin Infection 12.0% (10) 9.3% (15)
Erythema 4.8% (4) 8.0% (13)
Vomiting 10.8% (9) 7.4% (12)
Anorexia 4.8% (4) 6.2% (10)
Lethargy 6.0% (5) 5.6% (9)
Pruritus 19.3% (16) 4.9% (8)
Diarrhea 4.8% (4) 3.7% (6)
Alopecia 7.2% (6) 2.5% (4)
  • Cases of vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy resolved without treatment1

  • Other than pruritus and alopecia, which were substantially more common in dogs receiving placebo.1
  • Occurrence calculated on a per-case basis—no matter how many observations of the same abnormal health event a dog had, it contributed one observation to the occurrence calculation.1

Indication: CYTOPOINT aids in the reduction of clinical signs associated with atopic dermatitis in dogs.

Reference: 1. Data on file, Study Report No. C961R-US-13-051, Zoetis Inc.

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