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This site is intended for U.S. animal healthcare professionals


This site is intended for U.S. animal healthcare professionals

Calling All Dogs,
Big and Small

Calling All Dogs, Big and Small

Bring the value and benefits of CYTOPOINT® to your practice

Treatment that goes the distance

74% monotherapy of CYTOPOINT patients received it as monotherapy1

  • Owners had fewer therapies to juggle when their dog’s atopic dermatitis was controlled with CYTOPOINT. For example, most dogs needed fewer concomitant medications such as2*:
    • Steroids, antibiotics, topical ointments, shampoos, hypoallergenic diets, etc.
  • Fewer treatments for dogs to tolerate allow dogs and owners to live comfortably and happily without daily interruption
  • With CYTOPOINT, you can help protect the bonds that matter and let dogs and owners get back to enjoying life together

Improve the treatment experience with CYTOPOINT

  • CYTOPOINT reduced the need for concomitant therapies that add complexity and cost.2* After switching to CYTOPOINT:


Fewer dogs needed steroids2


Fewer blood chemistry profiles were performed2


Fewer dogs required antibiotics2
  • Cost to owners was about $200 less per year due to fewer therapies and less frequent testing2

Earn clients’ trust and loyalty with a treatment that delivers satisfaction

Dog owners are highly satisfied with CYTOPOINT3

Owner satisfaction

Dog owners are highly satisfied with CYTOPOINT3

  • The majority of owners say they will definitely continue treatment with CYTOPOINT for their dog3
  • Many more will consider keeping their dog on CYTOPOINT3

  • Owners value the long-lasting efficacy, safety and convenience of in-office CYTOPOINT injections
    • CYTOPOINT offers 4-8 weeks of relief4†

CYTOPOINT is an affordable treatment option for dogs of all sizes

  • When using MSRP, CYTOPOINT can be priced at about $100 for dogs up to 80 lb5
    • Market research indicates that, on average, pet owners are willing to pay up to $100 for a monthly injection of CYTOPOINT5
    • CYTOPOINT delivers 4-8 weeks of relief, extending the financial value of CYTOPOINT beyond a month4†

Veterinarians currently using CYTOPOINT of veterinarians are currently using CYTOPOINT in dogs between 41 and 100 lb1

For more on how injectable medications can deliver value beyond pricing, please visit

Happy pets. Happy vets.
CYTOPOINT increases client visits and interactions

39% more visits

CYTOPOINT led to 39% more practice visits compared with other atopic dermatitis therapies2*

  • 10 visits per year versus 7 visits per year before using CYTOPOINT2

What could you do if you saw your patients more often?

  • Identify and intervene early if flares occur2
  • Educate owners on the benefits of other services and provide overall wellness care (eg, dental work and year-round parasite prevention)2
  • Improve patient health and strengthen client loyalty and trust2
Study Design

In a retrospective study, the medical records of 174 dogs with atopic dermatitis and treated by dermatologists were assessed for 12 months before and 12 months after starting CYTOPOINT treatment. Therapy during both periods was unrestricted and could include (but was not limited to) corticosteroids, antibiotics, allergen-specific immunotherapy, medicated shampoos, prescription diets and topical therapy. Data gathered from the medical records included number of clinic visits and cost of professional fees, services and products dispensed for the management of atopic dermatitis during both time periods.

Dermatologists offer the gold standard in skin care, and are likely to offer pet owners the full extent of available treatment options.

Repeat administration every 4 to 8 weeks as needed in individual patients.

Indications: CYTOPOINT has been shown to be effective for the treatment of dogs against allergic dermatitis and atopic dermatitis.



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This site is intended for U.S. Animal Healthcare Professionals.

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