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Helps provide a broad-spectrum immune response for protection against Lyme disease


LYMEVAX is indicated for the vaccination of healthy dogs 9 weeks of age or older as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by Borrelia burgdorferi.

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    • LYMEVAX is a 2-strain, multi-antigen vaccine that induces borreliacidal antibody responses to OspA and OspC.
    • LYMEVAX induces antibodies to OspA, OspC, and a variety of other antigens.1 Studies have shown that antibodies to OspC helped protect vaccinated animals.2
    • 92.2% preventative fraction (95% confidence interval: 84% to 96%) vs. natural infection in a Lyme-endemic area.2
    • LYMEVAX is supported by our Companion Animal  Immunization Support Guarantee (ISG).
  • DOSE: Dogs, inject one 1 mL dose subcutaneously using aseptic technique. A second dose should be administered 2 to 3 weeks later. Annual revaccination with one dose is recommended.

    INFOVAX-ID® System

    The INFOVAX-ID System provides a simple and effective method of recording pertinent information on the vaccines administered to animals in a veterinary practice.

    For vaccines requiring reconstitution, remove label from both vials and affix both labels to the animal’s medical chart.

    Using the INFOVAX-ID System:

    1. Grasp the lower right hand corner of the tab at the arrow marked “Peel Here” between your thumb and forefinger (figure 1).  

    2. Pull steadily at a slight upward angle until the top portion of the label is separated from the vial (figure 2).

    3. Place the label on the animal’s medical chart. Press down on the label to ensure adhesion.


  • 1Data on file, Study Report No. 22670. Zoetis LLC.
    2Levy SA. Use of a C6 ELISA test to evaluate the efficacy of a whole-cell bacterin for the prevention of naturally transmitted canine Borrelia burgdorferi infection. Vet Ther. 2002;3(4):420-424.

CAUTION: Store in dark at 2° to 7°C (35° to 45°F). AVOID FREEZING. SHAKE WELL. In case of anaphylactoid reaction, administer epinephrine. Thimerosal added as a preservative.

For Veterinary Use Only.

CAUTION: In the absence of a veterinarian-client-patient relationship, Federal law prohibits the relabeling, repackaging, resale, or redistribution of the individual contents of this package.



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