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Business Benefit of Strategic Injectable Pricing

Get a simplified overview of margin pricing and how it benefits everyone involved, from clients to the practice — and, most importantly, your patients.


Dan Hebert, DVM

Duxbury Animal Hospital
Duxbury, Massachusetts

Quit paying the price for status quo

The downsides of markup pricing and why it may no longer be sustainable.

Quit paying the price for status quo (Thumbnail)

Quit paying the price for status quo

It's easy to put margin pricing into practice (Thumbnail)

It's easy to put margin pricing into practice

Margin pricing: a success story (Thumbnail)

Margin pricing: a success story

Q&A: What does margin pricing mean to a clinic? (Thumbnail)

Q&A: What does margin pricing mean to a clinic?

Q&A: Is it challenging to implement margin pricing? What's really involved? (Thumbnail)

Q&A: Is it challenging to implement margin pricing? What's really involved?

Key Points

Margin pricing is the application of a set dollar amount that represents the profit to your practice and does not vary with patients’ weights. Adopting margin pricing:

  • Allows for greater pricing parity across patients of all sizes — unlike markup pricing, which magnifies the difference in drug acquisition cost.
  • Enables you to protect your pharmacy revenues.
  • Helps improve your practice’s profitability.

Margin pricing for injectable medications:

  • Distributes profits equitably across your patients.
  • Helps improve access to innovative products for all patients, regardless of size.
  • Protects pharmacy revenues by offering best-in-class injectable services only your practice can provide.

Margin pricing is simple to implement, track and adjust. And you can use our calculator to simplify the process even further. Try out the calculator »

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