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Pricing Calculator

Use this tool to easily calculate injectable product pricing that's equitable for your clients and protects your pharmacy’s revenues:

  1. Select your product.
  2. Enter margin/markup values.
  3. Select unit of measurement for body weight.
  4. Select and enter values for associate compensation.

Increasing availability and enhancing profit with margin pricing

Margin pricing is the application of a set dollar amount that represents the profit to your practice. This set amount does not vary with patients' weights. This pricing method helps make your best medicine recommendations available to more patients by improving affordability — while also benefiting your clinic’s profitability.

Want to learn more about margin pricing and your practice? Get an overview »

Zoetis representatives are not free to discuss resale prices with you. Only you can determine resale prices.

Select a product

10mg 15.75 $
20mg 23.10 $
30mg 28.40 $
40mg 33.65 $
Provide best medicine to more patients

Make CYTOPOINT® accessible

to patients up to



with pet owner cost


or less

Set Up Your PMS

To implement this pricing, enter the following markup and injection fee into your practice management software (PMS):

Markup (%):


Injection Fee ($):


Need help setting up pricing in your PMS? See our easy-to-follow guides »

Print, save and email pricing results:

CYTOPOINT Dosing Chart »
  • Pricing Table
  • Pricing Chart
Weight (lb) Drug Cost Clinic Profit Associate Comp. Pet Owner Cost
< 5 < 2.3        
5-10 2.3-4.5        
10.1-20 4.6-9.1        
20.1-30 9.2-13.6        
30.1-40 13.7-18.1        
40.1-50 18.2-22.7        
50.1-60 22.8-27.2        
60.1-70 27.3-31.7        
70.1-80 31.8-36.3        
80.1-90 36.4-40.8        
90.1-100 40.9-45.4        
100.1-110 45.5-49.9        
110.1-120 50.0-54.4        
120.1-130 54.5-59.0        
130.1-140 59.1-63.5        
140.1-150 63.6-68.0        
150.1-160 68.1-72.6        
160.1-170 72.7-77.1        
170.1-180 77.2-81.2        
180.1-190 81.7-86.2        
190.1-200 86.3-90.7        
10mg 15.75 $
20mg 23.10 $
30mg 28.40 $
40mg 33.65 $

Zoetis representatives are not free to discuss resale prices with you. Only you can determine resale prices.



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