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Helpful Practice Tools for
Heartworm Disease Education

Boost your promotional presence with content that you can pick up, mix and match, and share…


Make sure your staff is trained and informed about ProHeart products

Staff Talking Points Brochure

Staff Talking Points

Helps your staff educate dog owners on the importance of heartworm protection, and the benefits of ProHeart 12.

Quick Guide for Practice Success

Quick Guide for Practice Success

Ideas for successfully implementing ProHeart products into your practice.

Prescribing Information

Prescribing Information

Full Prescribing Information: indications, study results, and more.

ProHeart 12 and ProHeart 6 Dosing Administration Chart

Dosing instruction guide (in lb and kg).


Eye-catching resources to help promote your practice and ProHeart products

Now Available Email

Let your dog owners know that ProHeart 12 is here for them with this Now Available email.

In-Office Brochure

Dog owners can now educate themselves about ProHeart 12 in your waiting room.

In-Office Poster

Let your dog owners know that ProHeart 12 is available in your clinic.

ProHeart 12 Client Information Sheet

Questions dog owners could ask, possible side effects, and more.


Shareable information about heartworm season, awareness, adoption, and travel

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Engage dog owners in your waiting room

ProHeart 6 Overview Video

ProHeart 6 MOA Video

ProHeart 6 Animated Video

ProHeart 12 It Only Takes One Video

ProHeart 12 DVM Testimonial Video

How can you use these engaging videos? Put them on USB drives to loop in your waiting room or exam rooms. Post them on your social media pages and add them to your website. They reinforce the importance of year-round heartworm disease prevention and the key benefits of ProHeart products.


For dogs that need to be monitored more often, ProHeart 6 offers complete heartworm disease protection with 2 injections a year

ProHeart 6 Client Information Sheet

Questions dog owners could ask, possible side effects, and more.

ProHeart 6 Mixing/Dosing Administration Charts

Mixing instructions and dosage guide (in lb and kg).


Get Certified Today

If you’re already certified to administer ProHeart 6® (moxidectin), you do not need to recertify for ProHeart 12.

Certify Now

Order ProHeart 12

Already certified? Sign in or register today to order ProHeart 12. It's an easy process that can be done directly online.

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Use PROHEART 6 in dogs 6 months of age or older and PROHEART 12 in dogs 12 months of age or older. Do not administer to dogs that are sick, debilitated, underweight, have a history of weight loss, or to those previously found to be hypersensitive to the drug. Hypersensitivity reactions may occur in some dogs when PROHEART is administered alone or with vaccines. Anaphylactic and anaphylactoid reactions can result in death and should be treated immediately with the same measures used to treat hypersensitivity reactions to vaccines and other injectable products. Reported side effects in clinical trials included vomiting, lethargy, diarrhea, anorexia, and hypersensitivity reactions. People should avoid inhalation, contact with eyes, or accidental self-injection. Certification is required before veterinarians and staff administer these products. See full Prescribing Information for PROHEART 6 and PROHEART 12, attached.


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