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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about ProHeart® 6 (moxidectin).


Who can purchase or administer ProHeart 6?

Veterinarians must be ProHeart 6 certified before they can purchase ProHeart 6. Only ProHeart 6–certified veterinarians and veterinary technicians and assistants can administer it. Veterinary technicians and assistants must be under the direction of a ProHeart 6–certified veterinarian. Veterinarians and veterinary staff can take the free 20-minute certification course at any time.

What is the efficacy of ProHeart 6?

In two notable clinical effectiveness trials, ProHeart 6 demonstrated 100 percent efficacy.2 Learn more about efficacy.

What is the mode of action (MOA) of ProHeart 6?

ProHeart 6 has a unique MOA. Slow-dissolving microspheres contain and prolong the effects of moxidectin—which redistributes from plasma to adipose tissue. The adipose tissue acts as a reservoir, allowing six months of efficacy. See a video demonstrating the MOA.

Where can I find resources about ProHeart 6 to share with my staff and clients?

Our Practice Resources include guides and charts for your staff, plus the 6 Months 1 Dose Toolbox: materials for your social media pages and website, video loops and print items.


Are there any age restrictions for patients being administered ProHeart 6?

ProHeart 6 has been evaluated and found safe in puppies and dogs ≥6 months. There is no upper age restriction in healthy dogs. See the Prescribing Information.

Is ProHeart 6 safe in special populations?

ProHeart 6 has been evaluated and found safe in pregnant and lactating females and breeding males, ivermectin-sensitive Collies and puppies ≥6 months of age. Get more information about safety and ProHeart 6.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: PROHEART 6 should be used in healthy dogs. Do not administer to sick, debilitated, underweight dogs or dogs that have a history of weight loss. Prior to administration, PROHEART 6 certified veterinarians should continue to assess patient health through a medical history, physical examination and if deemed appropriate, diagnostic testing. Continue to use caution when administering PROHEART 6 concurrently with vaccinations. Adverse events, including anaphylaxis, have been reported following the concomitant use of PROHEART 6 and vaccines. In some cases, anaphylactic reactions have resulted in death. Use with caution in dogs with pre-existing or uncontrolled allergic disease (food allergy, atopy or flea allergy dermatitis). Dogs receiving PROHEART 6 should be tested for existing heartworms as per the product label. In people, avoid PROHEART 6 contact with eyes. If contact with the eyes occurs, rinse thoroughly with water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention immediately. PROHEART 6 is available only to veterinarians through a restricted distribution program. Only certified veterinarians and staff can administer it. To obtain additional information including a copy of the product labeling, click here or call 1-888-ZOETIS1 (963-8471).
  1. Data on file. ProHeart 6 Freedom of Information Summary, NADA 141-189.



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